The Best MPR Raccoon Tweets That Had All Of The Internet Rallying Behind Their New Icon

Raccoons don't conjure up happy thoughts for most of us. Personally, I think of the many times they hid in our community dumpster eating trash and gave me the surprise of a lifetime when I opened the lid. The raccoon who scaled the UBS Plaza changed the game for all rodents, though, and Twitter had a moment with it — it was so good, in fact, we've rounded up the 24 best MPR raccoon tweets.

In case you missed the action, here's what happened. Sometime in the not-too-distant past, a courageous raccoon thought to itself, "I want to go on an adventure." So, it decided to first climb up the side of the Town Square building, and then up the 20+ stories of the UBS Plaza in St. Paul, Minnesota. The problem was it got stuck, with no food or water. It was Monday of this week when Minnesota Public Radio employees first spotted the poor little thing, MPR News writes. Within hours, the people of St. Paul/the entire internet universe found themselves cheering for the hairy hero they didn't know they needed. Countless news and media outlets loyally followed the critter — who affectionately became known as the MPR raccoon — and his journey to safety.

Raccoon... or Spider-Man? You decide.

Here's the MPR raccoon looking mighty frightened and probably hungry too. That's the face of a raccoon that just wanted to go dumpster diving. Is that so much to ask?

Forget what you know about raccoons being creepy. You know nothing. Just look at that face.

I said look at it!

So, the question on everyone's mind is: how did it end? We can all breathe a sigh of relief, because as of Wednesday, MPR News reports the raccoon made it to the roof of the building and was safely captured. It is my hope that tonight, it feasts on rotten food and used paper towel.

The excitement might be over, but Twitter isn't quite finished with this yet, and neither am I. Nothing perfectly captures the chaos and hilarity of the last few days like these 24 tweets.

1. The Perfect 2018 Metaphor

chrisgeidner on Twitter

I think we can all agree this raccoon is so us this year. I've definitely felt like I was hanging on for dear life once or 12 times in 2018.

2. A Beautiful Profile

bravesgyrl on Twitter

It does look rather regal, doesn't it though?

3. Celebrity Raccoon Culture

hoarsewisperer on Twitter

Well, they make a valid point...

4. Freshening Up For The Media

timnelson_mpr on Twitter

You'd be conscious of your looks, too, if everyone was talking about you online.

5. A Detailed Report Of The Journey

enargins on Twitter

This is serious. Have you seen the size of the UBS Plaza? This was like a scene out of Mission: Impossible.

6. Person Of The Year

willdollinger on Twitter

This one's a no-brainer. Can you think of anyone or anything more deserving? No.

7. Ace Ventura, Pet Detective

colinfquinn on Twitter

Ah, yes. The one time Ace Ventura failed to save an animal. Don't remind me. It's too sad. Raccoons deserve better.

8. Now What Do We Do With Our Lives?

human3500 on Twitter

I know it's hard to go on after this, but we have to find a way.

9. He Survived

shannawrites on Twitter

I bet raccoons all around the globe are doing this right now.

10. Trash Pandas

grawnymac on Twitter

A slightly different sentiment from the others we've seen, but true, all the same.

11. Will It Be Okay?

laytonewilliams on Twitter

Indeed, Layton. It IS okay! IT IS! The MPR raccoon made it to safety.

12. The MPR Raccoon On Twitter

milespraccoon on Twitter

Yes, you're seeing this correctly. Someone already made a Twitter account for the MPR raccoon. It will probably have more followers than me by the end of the day, if it takes that long.

13. A Day Of Good News

twebb_10 on Twitter

There's so much to celebrate, with the raccoon definitely coming first, obviously.

14. Raccoons > Work

mattritter1 on Twitter

We'd expect no less.

15. Let's Start At The Beginning

ochoudhury22 on Twitter

This will be a tale we tell our grandchildren.

16. No Ifs, Ands, Or Buts

cwhott on Twitter

We were all thinking this.

17. The Great Twitter Raccoon Obsession

euqinomist on Twitter

It happened to all of us. Who knew this was even possible?

18. The Most Popular Phrase Of 2018

rickgh2015 on Twitter

Can't you hear it already? "The raccoon is on the roof. I repeat, the RACCOON IS ON THE ROOF."

19. Passing On POTUS

crj9000x on Twitter


20. The Raccoon Who United The World

finualaw on Twitter

Not bad for a trash-eating rodent.

21. A Bigger Audience Than The Inauguration

sodaburst on Twitter

It probably did, though.

22. Parents, Everywhere

american_putz on Twitter

Alright, we get it, Mom.

23. A Clever Distraction

humblyesoteric on Twitter

We've clearly been underestimating raccoons this whole time.

24. The Most Poignant Social Commentary Of Our Time

twirlandswirl on Twitter