The Best Nail Art Instagram Accounts To Follow If You're Obsessed With Manis & Pedis


There's surely nothing better than getting your nails done. The ultimate way to show yourself some self care, having a mani makes you feel refreshed and put together, regardless of how all over the place your life is! I've never been great at doing my own nails, so I particularly love having them done, and enjoy experimenting with crazy colours, cool designs, and all sorts of nail art. I'm also obsessed with following nail artists and salons on Instagram to find my next go-to design. The platform is pretty bombarded with choices, but these best nail art Instagram accounts are all great options.

While many of the pages mentioned below showcase some achievable nail designs, others allow you to dream with more aspirational nail art looks that you may not be able to recreate easily. But that's the great thing about nails; it's an area of beauty that doesn't discriminate and is open to all. Anyone can go and get a great mani, or play with fun nail art designs and feel good about themselves.

So with that in mind, take a look at the seven Instagram accounts that I myself follow for the ultimate nail art inspo, from the achievable, to the completely out there.