7 Instagram Accounts To Follow If You're Obsessed With Nail Art
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There's surely nothing better than getting your nails done. The ultimate way to show yourself some self care, having a mani makes you feel refreshed and put together, regardless of how all over the place your life is! I've never been great at doing my own nails, so I particularly love having them done, and enjoy experimenting with crazy colours, cool art, and all sorts of nail designs. I'm also obsessed with following nail artists and salons on Instagram to find my next go-to design. The platform is pretty bombarded with choices, but these best nail art Instagram accounts are all great options.

While many of the pages mentioned below showcase some achievable nail designs, others allow you to dream with more aspirational nail art looks that you may not be able to recreate easily. But that's the great thing about nails; it's an area of beauty that doesn't discriminate and is open to all. Anyone can go and get a great mani, or play with fun nail art designs and feel good about themselves.

So with that in mind, take a look at the seven Instagram accounts that I myself follow for the ultimate nail art inspo, from the achievable, to the completely out there.

Park Eunkyung (@nail_unistella)

The Korean based nail artist takes nail art to new heights. She experiments with everything from wire nails to shattered nails, and does some amazing stuff with holographic effects. This account is the ultimate aspirational option; not everything on here is achievable to the average nail novice among us, but it'll sure give you some pretty great ideas.

Follow @nail_unistella.

Mei Kawajiri (@nailsbymei)

This Japan-to-NYC nail artist is a favourite of stars including Bella and Gigi Hadid. Her cool girl designs experiment with jewels and 3D, and her Instagram page is basically like the nail version of street style fashion. You'll also occasionally see pics of her other celebrity clientele; a group which is growing quickly.

Imarninails (@imarninails)

Based in the UK, Imarninails has a salon in the heart of Shoreditch, and for London, its prices aren't too painful. You'll get a feel for the type of nail art they do there on the Instagram page, which features everything from tortoiseshell to glitter. The celebrity nail artist behind the salon also has a number of famous clientele, including Karlie Kloss, Rita Ora, and FKA Twigs.

DryBy London (@dryby)

DryBy has become a London institution, and is the go-to salon for many of the city's coolest ladies. Unlike others featured on this list, DryBy tends to stick to more pared-down designs, with their nail art sophisticated, clean, and minimal. They do amazing bridal designs, which their Instagram account is worth following for alone.

Sarah Bland (@sarahbland)

Sarah Bland used to do Beyonce's nails, so you know she's good. The talented nail artist can do pretty much anything when it comes to top notch manis, and her Insta is covered in her inspirational designs. I've had my nails done by Sarah before, and she is genuinely also one of the genuinely sweetest people in the industry, too.

Shoreditch Nails (@shoreditchnails)

As well as being a salon, Shoreditch Nails is also an academy that trains up aspiring nail artists and manicurists. The brand, which was created by Tina Michael, boasts a gorgeous Instagram page with all sorts of designs, that'll have you wanting to book in immediately.

Hang Nguyen (@thehangedit)

With celeb clients such as Kate Hudson and Jennifer Garner, Hang has made it big time in Hollywood, and her Instagram page will show you why. The talented artist can create some of the most incredibly intricate designs that would surely require the most steady hand. I particularly love her mini floral designs, which come spring time, will be inspiring my next mani.

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