These 11 Nail Art Designs Are Perfect For The Christmas Party Season

Serdar Acar / EyeEm / Getty

The nail art trend has exploded in 2019. I for one have been obsessed with getting weird and wonderful designs, glitter galore, and fun colours aplenty painted on my talons, and IMO, the bolder, the better. So occasions such as Christmas I welcome with pure joy, not just because of Pret Christmas sandwiches and sparkly fairy lights everywhere, but because it gives me an excuse to go wild with my nail art. There are so many festive designs out there, including the below, that I reckon will make the best 2019 nail looks for a Christmas party.

I've scoured some of the coolest Instagram nail art accounts in order to find the most festive designs that'll tickle your fancy. There are snowflakes, candy cane, Christmas trees and stars, along with a ton of glitter and red, green and gold colour schemes. Then there's also some slightly more pared back looks, such as the super chic plain glossy black nails, and some simple red and white dots. Either way, whether you prefer an all out look or more of a minimalist vibe, there will be a design here that you will hopefully love, and choose to wear all Christmas party season.

So keep scrolling to find your favourite, and prepare to spread some serious joy at the tips of your fingers.

Abstract Xmas trees

Christmas trees, but make them modern. These simple green lines look great on a nude, shiny base.

Tinsel nails

If you're not up for all over glitter nails, these tinsel tips are a great option.

Celestial stars & moons

The latest style I tried out at Dryby in London, these wintery celestial nails are a nice alternative to super Christmassy designs.

Simple stars

Stars are always relevant year-round, and at Christmas they work especially well. Try them in white, or in metallic silver.

Red & white dots

If you're not a big fan of super intricate designs or anything overly festive, try these simple dots in Santa Clause colours.

Red glitter

There's nothing more Christmassy than a super glittery, shimmery red style. Simple, yet impactful.

Glossy black

There's nothing more chic than a glossy black polish, and these will go with even the wildest Christmas party outfit.

Candy cane

I couldn't not include a candy cane design! Combine them with a red glitter ring finger for an edge.


Combine traditional snowflakes on navy bases with silver super hi-shine glitter for all the compliments.


Another design that works year round, true red love hearts look beautiful in the run up to Christmas.

Rose gold metallic

Want something millennial-friendly and glittery galore? You've found your style.