People Are Tweeting Their 2018 Goals & It's Proof Resolutions Don't Have To Be Unattainable

Ashley Batz/Bustle

'Tis the season for New Year's resolutions, and Twitter users are getting in on the action with the trending hashtag #NextYearIPromiseTo. Although some folks are going HAM with next level goals that outline a complete personal overhaul, others are all about the little things to baby step their way to a better life. And then there's yet another type of person (especially on Twitter), who has no use for resolutions, but at least can sling a sick burn about those who do.

According to a report from from Quanti, a data-driven digital marketing company, which compiled a list of the most popular resolutions based on Google search terms, the number one New Year's resolution for 2017 was to "Get healthy", followed by "Get organized". Others that made the cut were, "Live life to the fullest", "Learn new hobbies", and "Spend less/save more."

As for this year's top resolutions, YouGov's poll about goal setting for 2018 found that women are significantly more likely to embrace resolutions that focus on self-improvement, with 42 percent of women wanting to save more money compared to 31 percent of men, and 29 percent of women wanting to focus more on self-care compared to 20 percent of men.

Here's what Twitter users are planning to do in the coming year:

1. Focus On Health And Wellness

2. Be Better With Money

3. Have Better Friendships & Relationships

4. Make Time For Pleasure

5. Give Back To Others

As you can see, New Year's resolutions aren't for everyone — and that's totally OK. If you're planning on setting goals for 2018, know that they don't have to be major ones. Take inspo from above, whether it's a pledge to fight mental health awareness or to write "2018" on all your checks, and set small goals for yourself — you'll get there in no time.