5 Brands To Help You Banish Palm Oil From Your Beauty Routine For Good

Studio Firma

Over the years, we have become far more aware of our eco-footprints, and how our choices impact the world. We've gone vegan, opted for organic, and stamped out brands that don't adhere to cruelty-free testing techniques, but one thing we often forget is that so many beauty products we use (along with other daily necessities) feature palm oil. Brands that are palm oil free are definitely few and far between as it stands, but they do exist. The following palm oil free makeup brands, for example, are worth checking out.

So why should we be looking to reduce our usage of palm oil? Well, palm oil (a vegetable oil that comes from palm oil trees) is commonly used around the world in everything from cleaning products to makeup and food. It is very versatile in its usage, and is one of the cheapest options around, hence why it is so popular.

But the ingredient has taken its toll on animal and communities where it is grown, as GreenPeace reports. The production of palm oil requires vast areas of forest space to be cleared, therefore damaging vulnerable eco-systems including those that house creatures such as orangutans.

For these important reasons, it is worth seeking out ways in which we can reduce our palm oil usage in things like the makeup we use. These five brands are a great place to start:



Chantecaille is not only one of the most beautiful, visually impressive makeup brands, it's also one of the most ethically moral. The brand has always been dedicated to never using palm oil, and also does so much for special causes including wildlife in places such as Africa, where many species of animal are becoming endangered. Chantecaille helps to raise awareness of these issues, and uses some of their profits from sales to help with the issues they care about. My favourites include their eyeshadows and cream blushers.

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It can be really difficult to find a lipstick that doesn't feature palm oil, or palm derivatives. Luckily, that's what Axiology is here for, as the brand is committed to keeping things completely clean sans palm oil. In fact, not only do they refuse to use palm oil in their products, they actually actively take action to contribute towards the problem by donating a percentage of their profits to the Orangutan Foundation International, a charity that helps to save orangutans under threat due to palm oil production.

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Odylique is best known for its skincare, but the brand also offers a range of makeup products, making them another great option. The brand has always refused to use palm oil in all of their products, and they spread the message by encouraging consumers to avoid palm oil in their daily life, not just when buying into their own brand. Odylique also contributes to charities such as Rainforest Action Network, Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth, meaning they are also actively taking measures to help with the global palm oil situation.

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Beautiful Me

Beautiful Me is a slightly lesser known brand in the UK, but its growth has seen it being stocked in stores such as Holland & Barrett and online retailer Ethical Superstore. The brand doesn't use palm oil, and its lip glosses and mascara are particular favourites which are definitely worth trying. The brand is also very fairly priced, meaning you don't have to spend an arm and a leg to try it out.

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Dab Herb Makeup

Dab Herb Makeup is another brand that is fairly unknown, and is sold on sites such as Etsy. But they are definitely worth trying, as they are completely palm oil free, vegan, cruelty free, and mostly organic. The brand offers everything from foundation to mascara, lip gloss to blusher. And most impressively, they are so dedicated to keeping things eco-friendly, they offer discounted refills in their mostly tin and glass packaging. A great all rounder.

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