This Bold Patterned Active Wear Is So Cool It'll Make You Actually Want To Work Out


January is pretty much the hardest time to start hitting the gym again. Christmas is over, you've eaten your weight in mince pies and quality streets, and you've hit a bit of a slump. Getting back into a fitness routine or starting a new one to kickstart your new year's resolutions is far from easy, but there's something that makes it just that little bit easier: cool patterned activewear.

There's something about kitting yourself out in fun, modern gym wear that is highly motivating. Not only do you look the part, but you feel more confident and supported, and want to get back to a gym or class to show off your new gear. While there are plenty of sports and fashion brands offering traditional plain coloured clothing, I recommend picking the brightest, boldest printed activewear you can find. Not only does it look cool, but it raises your tired spirit with bright colours and bold designs.

There are so many brands offering printed activewear these days, from professional sports brands like Reebok to activewear specialists such as Sweaty Betty, and even affordable fashion lines. There's something for every body shape and budget, and I've picked out my very favourite printed activewear finds to inspire you to start your 2019 with a bang. Happy exercising!