The Best Petite Scrubs


When scrubs are a part of the job and you're 5 feet 4 inches tall or shorter, the best petite scrubs are ideal. The reason might seem obvious, but I'll tell you anyway: Thanks to their already-short inseams, petite scrubs likely won't require alterations, saving you money (plus a trip to the tailor) in the long run. And even if your employer doesn't provide your uniform for you, Amazon sells the popular brands you'd want to snag at your local scrubs store — with those Prime benefits, y'all. Yes, scrub shopping just got this easy.

Depending on your preferences (and your office's dress code), there are a couple of ways to approach scrub shopping online. You could opt for two-piece sets that come with both a top and a pair of pants, or if you already have enough tops, you could order a new pair of bottoms to add to your rotation. No matter your route, you'll reap the benefits of those shorter inseams. The best part? There are plenty of colors to choose from.

Here, shop a few of the best scrubs I found on Amazon. They all have 4.5-star ratings and loads of satisfied reviews from people who claim to be petite — score!