The Best Recyclable Beauty Products & The Most Eco-Conscious Brands Available In The UK


Recycling: we all know it's important. Many of us will no longer agree to buy something from a supermarket unless its packaging is reusable, for example, while others among us won't invest in fashion brands that aren't environmentally conscious. But what about other areas of life, such as beauty and grooming? Sometimes we forget just how much material goes into creating things like shower gel, face wash, and perfume. With this in mind, I went on the hunt for beauty products that do as little harm as possible to the environment. Keep reading to discover the best recyclable beauty products and the most eco-conscious beauty brands out there.

Before sharing my picks of the best recyclable beauty products, let's re-cap why recycling is so important: when materials such as plastic are not recycled, they will inevitably be dropped into a landfill. From there, a hell of a lot plastic makes its way into our oceans (an incredible 8 million tonnes every year, as David Attenborough revealed in his groundbreaking documentary Blue Planet II), polluting the water and destroying ecosystems. While it would be great to cut out plastic all together from our beauty routines, that really isn't an easy feat, meaning recycling is your next best option. These are the brands and products that do it best: