The Best "Rejected Candy Heart Sayings" Tweets To Use For Almost Any Valentine's Day Situation

February 14 has been synonymous with eating candy hearts since we were in elementary school and half the class brought them in as their Valentine treat. These candies have been around since 1901 and their sweet sentiments have started to ware on the ever clever minds of the Twitter world. This year Twitter changed the conversation, with the trending hashtag #RejectedCandyHeartSayings The answers epitomize real talk. Ranging from completely serious to ridiculously absurd these responses can be applied throughout daily life.

Shortly after it's original creation, these alternative displays of the candy heart could've been put to great use. In the 1908 classic, Anne of Green Gables, Gilbert gives Anne a candy heart with the sentiment "You Are Sweet" written across it. In turn, she grinds it under her heel. I bet Anne would have wanted a substitute response to hand him instead.

Necco, the company that produces the ever popular Sweethearts, received 10,000 suggestions in 2011 when they asked for new ideas to put on their famous candy. While they might not be adding the below suggestions anytime soon, there are plenty of situations where these rejected sayings could come in handy, or at the very least, provide a good laugh.

1When They're Good But You Know You Have A Better Match Out There

2When You're Not Feeling It

3When You Have No Excuse

4When Someone Tells You The Ending To The Show You Just Started

5When Your Friend Opens Tinder At The Bar

6When There's Only One Gift You Actually Want

7When You're Just Trying To Help

8When Your Friend Wants To Quit Her Job & Become A Beach Bum

9When You Try To Flirt

10When It's Time For Real Talk

11When Your Friends Say Things Will Get Better

12When Real Words Aren't Adequate To Express How You Feel

13When You're Just Being Honest

While you won't be giving these messages on candy hearts to friends, crushes, partners, and exes anytime soon, never underestimate the power of a retweet.