11 Super Sweet Candy Heart DIY Projects

Oh, Valentine's Day; how did you sneak up on us so fast? Somehow, stepping out into the world now doubles as being greeted by teddy bears, boxes of chocolate, and candy heart DIY projects. For some of us, it means trying to figure out gifts for your girl gang, or gifts for your guy. For others, it may mean planning awesome Galentine's Day party ideas. Or maybe it's all of the above.

If you're anything like me, every holiday always means one thing: craft ideas. Celebrating festivities means getting more opportunities to break out the glue gun and sewing machine to craft up a storm. I know I can't be the only one that geeks out over this type of stuff.

Thankfully, Valentine's Day is pretty simple to craft for. Basically, any DIY project with a heart or two can pass as V-Day themed. I tend to like the sassy anti-Valentine's Day ideas, but I know those aren't for everyone. That's why I've scoped out some easy peasy projects that can be made with none other than candy hearts. They're essentially the traditional candy of Valentine's Day. And since they're so inexpensive, they are extremely accessible and affordable.

Happy Valentine's Day!

1. Conversation Heart Mini Wreath

Show your space some love with this super cute mini wreath by The Decorated Cookie. Even beginner crafters can make this one.

2. Candy Heart Pretzel Bites

Fans of the salty-sweet combo will adore this recipe. This is especially perfect for when you need a last-minute Valentine's Day gift for friends or family. Visit Two Sisters Crafting to learn how to make them.

3. Conversation Heart Martini

Who says candy hearts have to be just for kids? This fruity martini recipe at Babble is exactly what the love doctor ordered.

4. Conversation Heart Chocolate Bark

For another quick and easy V-Day treat, try making this chocolate bark by Life, Love & Sugar. The marbled chocolate is enough to make anyone swoon.

5. Candy Trees

It turns out that tree decor isn't just limited to Christmas. Thanks to Amanda Jane Brown, you can make a sweet and sugary version just in time for Valentine's Day.

6. Heart Candles

During the winter season, candles are wonderful for adding a cozy ambiance to any room. This V-Day, dress up your favorite candle with conversation hearts. According to Gimme Some Oven, it will only take you five minutes.

7. Valentine's Popcorn

This colorful popcorn concoction by Gimme Some Oven might be one of the sweetest ways to spread the love. That is, if you don't eat it all yourself.

8. Candy Heart Topiary

This adorable topiary project by Tiny Prints can liven up even the most boring table. It's not a bad way to get yourself pumped up for springtime decorating, too.

9. Conversation Heart Jewelry

Know someone that loves to wear kitschy baubles? Make a batch of candy heart jewelry with some help from The Decorated Cookie. You can find the tutorial at Celebrations.

10. Candy Heart Hair Accessories

The candy heart fun doesn't have to stop at the jewelry. Thanks to this tutorial by Babes in Hairland, you can make hair accessories, too.

11. Conversation Heart Cupcakes

Transform any cupcake into a V-Day treat just by adding candy hearts. The colorful icing and wrappers don't hurt, either! Visit Confessions of a Cookbook Queen to learn how to make your own.

For more DIY inspiration, check out Bustle on YouTube.

Images: The Decorated Cookie; Two Sisters Crafting; Babble; Life, Love & Sugar;Gimme Some Oven; Amanda Jane Brown; Gimme Some Oven; Gimme Some Oven; Tiny Prints; The Decorated Cookie; Celebrations; Babes in Hairland