The Best Salt Bae Memes & Tweets

by Lily Feinn

In just a few short days, Turkish chef and butcher Nusret Gökçe has captured countless hearts and stomaches across the Twitterverse as "Salt Bae." If you are a fellow carnivore looking for the absolute best Salt Bae memes and tweets, well, friend, you're in luck. Fans have been working overtime to show their appreciation for this culinary master, and what they have come up with is nothing short of genius. So, those hungry for something high in sodium and sensuality need look no further.

Curiously erotic Instagram videos of Nusret Gökçe preparing cuts of raw meat in a very PG-13 way and salting them with flare practically broke the internet over the weekend. After receiving a Twitter shout-out by Bruno Mars, #SaltBae memes became the talk of social media (which, on such a busy week, is quite notable) and will surely go down as one of the first and best viral trends of 2017.

If you would have told me earlier that a man sporting a dark ponytail, goatee, round glass, and signature vest would become a sex symbol spawning a frenzy of adoration across the internet, I would have probably had trouble believing you; however, Gökçe is just so utterly meme-able that now, it's hard to imagine the internet without him. From the way he passionately tenderizes raw meat (on par with Fifty Shades of Grey), it is clear this steakhouse chain owner and mastermind was meant to be an internet star. Did I mention that he is an avid massager of cows? Yeah, I know, right?

Salt Bae is known for working round the clock, fathering enough children to start his own baseball team (nine of them, word on the street has it), and paying special attention to his beloved meat. Whatever he does, he does it extra, and his memes reflect this sentiment. His salt sprinkle has also become code for the ultimate mic-drop moment. So prepare to luxuriate in the best #saltbae memes that Twitter has to offer.

Health warning: All this sexy salt could give you high blood pressure.

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