These Self-Propelled Vacuums Take All The Work Out Of Vacuuming — & Yes, You Need One


Thanks to their powerful motors that push them forward, the best self-propelled vacuums essentially do your work for you, and are ideal for anyone with injuries or those who struggle to lift and maneuver heavy vacuums. But, given how many brands incorrectly label their vacuums as such when their motors aren't actually "self-propelling," there are a few things to know before you buy.

If you're looking for a true self-propelled model, you'll find the widest range of options when you choose a robotic vacuum. These self-propelling models can take all of the work out of vacuuming, and operate completely independently. But, if an upright vacuum is more what you have in mind, there are a lot fewer truly "self-propelled" options to choose from. As you scroll through this list, you'll see a few robotic options that will truly move on their own. You'll also see an upright vacuum that reviewers swear propels itself on carpet, as well as a lightweight stick vacuum that's easy to push, yet powerful.

Don't forget to consider your floor plan and outlets when choosing. This goes without saying, but robot vacuums tend to get tripped up by low-lying furniture or tight angles. You'll also want to consider corded versus cordless models and which one works best with your space when making your decision.

Here are some of the best self-propelled vacuums to help you narrow down your options.

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The Best Overall, All Things Considered

Not only is this robotic vacuum super simple to use, but it's actually quite powerful, too. It features multiple suction modes that can pull spills, dirt, and other debris from even the thickest carpets. You can even set this little vacuum to focus in on a certain area, or you can program it to clean your entire home, or even just tackle the edges. This genius little device is also programed to respond to your voice commands and is compatible with Alexa or Google Home. But if you don't want to go that route, you can also command it right from the app. Plus, it runs for up to 110 minutes before it needs to be recharged.

According to one reviewer: "Way exceeded our expectations. I did a lot of research and compared pros and cons with various brands and models and this was truly the best (especially for the price)! It has WiFi for app control, it connects with Alexa, and comes with a remote. My wife vacuumed with our Dyson before hand to tidy up a bit and not overwhelm [the vacuum]. We still had to empty out the dust bin twice that first time."


The Best Splurge

Thousands of reviewers insist this powerful robotic vacuum is well worth the splurge. For one, it features a super slim body that comes in at under 3 inches, so it can fit under nearly any piece of furniture. It also features three points of suction and a super strong motor that can lift dirt from hardwood, tile, and even thick carpets and rugs. This vacuum is also Wi-Fi-enabled and can be programmed to clean when you aren't home so it's never in the way. But honestly, this splurge-worthy robot takes all the work out of vacuuming: It even features high-tech sensors that automatically increase or decrease suction power depending on the amount of dirt it comes across.

According to one reviewer: "[T]his machine is the best at just plain cleaning. Not only does it do a great job on bare floors but it's also astonishingly good on carpet. Before this machine I was [vacuuming] once a day or once every other day. Now I am vacuuming once or twice a month. I have a house and a very hairy border collie and this machine can handle both well. It's also very quiet."


An Upright Vacuum That Feels Self-Propelling On Carpets

This upright vacuum features such advanced technology that it actually feels like it's helping you out by pulling itself forward as you clean. While, no, the motor on this vac isn't truly self-propelling, many reviewers say that when the brush on this model gets to work on carpets, the powerful suction makes it feel like this vacuum is pushing itself. And, because it's designed with advanced swivel technology that makes it easy to maneuver, this vacuum is a great buy for those looking to cut down on the effort involved in vacuuming. Even better, this upright vacuum can convert into a more portable version to be easily carried up stairs or around the house, simply by disconnecting the canister from the base. And, if you have pets or allergies, this vacuum comes with special attachments to lift hair and dust from carpets, along with a HEPA filtration system to prevent debris from reentering the air.

According to one reviewer: "Wow so I love this vacuum!! Not too heavy, suction very good, almost seems self propelled, dust bucket easily detached and releases dirt. Looks cool and light but powerful. The fact that it can convert into smaller [canister] is great for stairs. Great design and very happy."


A Lightweight Stick Vacuum That's Cordless & Easy To Push

While this cordless vacuum isn't a true self-propelling vacuum, it's so lightweight that it removes some of the effort from pushing and pulling it around. Weighing at only 10 pounds and equip with easy-glide wheels, this vacuum can swivel behind any couch or table to pick up even the tiniest crumbs. On top of that, it's completely cordless, giving you total freedom to move anywhere (one less hassle when you're vacuuming). It also comes with a powerful lithium battery that quickly charges and can provide up to an hour of uninterrupted cleaning.

According to one reviewer: "This is exactly what I wanted it to be and it functions as advertised. It is light, efficient, and has much more suction power than I could have expected from such an easily maneuverable stick. I'd buy it again in a minute if only because on hardwood floors it edges without effort."