6 Semi-Permanent Hair-Dyes That'll Help You Update Your Hairdo With Minimal Hassle

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Changing up our hair colour is one of the easiest ways to get a new look and feel fresh. Whether you're a regular salon visitor or you like to dabble with more non-conventional shades at home, there are so many options out there now, most of which are easy, effective, and safe. The best way to try out a new look is to opt for a semi-permanent dye, which means all of the colour and none (or a lot less, anyway) of the commitment. Keep reading to discover the best semi-permanent hair dye available in the UK.

Given current circumstances and everyone’s inability to get to their usual salon, regular dyers might be turning to semi-permanent dyes to tide their tresses over until the end of the ongoing lockdown in the UK.

Bleach London even announced an innovative way to help guide us through the often tricky at-home hair dying with the launch of a series of virtual Hair Parties designed to operate like a 'digital salon'. Utilising the talent of the salon's top 20 stylists - who are facing the uncertainty of little work while we are all on lockdown and the physical salons are closed - the digital sessions will focus on individual guidance and colour choices from bottle blondes to rich brunettes. The first ‘Party’ last weekend featured a host of celebrity clients, including Georgia Jagger and PIxie Geldof, dyeing their own hair and answering questions on their own hair stories. Access to the next ‘salon’ is shared once customers purchase a product from the Bleach London online store.

Whether you are going all out with a fun, bright colour or are sticking to something a bit more traditional, there are some top tips you should stick to when using a semi permanent, or even temporary hair dye. First, always, always, do the patch test as advised on the packet. Even if you have always dyed your hair, it's worth double checking this specific dye will be ok and won't cause any unwanted allergic reactions. Next up, it's always helpful to have an extra pair of hands to help out, so where you can pull in the help of a friend/partner/flatmate/family member to do this, particularly if you have long or thick hair that will require a little more work. Finally, keep clothing protected and use gloves on your hands (these often come with the packet), especially when it comes to the brighter, bolder colours as you’re working with dye, afterall! In short, it's crucial to be careful and safe while applying any type of hair dye.

Now you know the rules, here are some of the best semi-permanent options.

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