This Is, Hands Down, The Best Smart Luggage You Can Get On Amazon

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Smart luggage is a game changer for frequent travelers. Though the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has started regulating their use on airplanes, the best smart luggage complies with the government's new guidelines and still boasts the high-tech features you'd expect from many smart devices.

What To Consider When Shopping For Smart Luggage

  • Compatibility: Like all smart products, make sure your smart luggage is compatible with your smartphone and any other devices you plan on using with it.
  • Features: Prioritize the ones that matter most to you, especially if you're shopping on a budget. Some "smart" features to consider include: built-in USB chargers to help you stay connected; TSA-approved locks to keep your belongings secure; GPS tracking to keep track of your luggage at all times; and built-in digital scales to weigh your luggage anywhere.
  • How you'll be traveling: If you plan on flying, know this: According to the new FAA guidelines, lithium-ion batteries in smart luggage must be removed or the bags won't be allowed on board. This rule applies for both checked and carry-on smart luggage.

For some inspiration, read on to shop the best smart luggage available on Amazon. With a range of price points and features, there's something for everyone on this list.


Best & Most Affordable Smart Luggage

U.S. Traveler's 21-inch Ez-Charge suitcase is a relatively affordable option featuring basic luggage features you'd expect — like a telescopic handle and a lined interior with a zippered pocket — as well as some smart capabilities. However, it's definitely not as advanced as some of its counterparts listed here.

This hardshell carry-on includes a built-in USB port, though the power bank isn't included. You'll need to supply your own to fit the 8-inch by 3.5-inch compartment. The plus side? You can rest assured that the power bank is removable to comply with airline regulations. With 360-degree spinner wheels, this suitcase comes with everything you need to easily maneuver airports including a TSA-approved lock. It's available in black, navy (pictured), and purple.


Best Budget-Friendly Smart Luggage Set

This expandable luggage set features two hardshell suitcases, a 22-inch carry-on and a 30-inch checkable bag, for just around $100. Size differences aside, here's a potential con: Only the carry-on is "smart" with a built-in USB port. Like the option above, it doesn't come with a power bank, but you can add your own to its universal storage pocket.

Each case features a multi-stage telescopic handle, plus they've got spinner wheels and side and top handles for seamless toting. Inside, they tick all the standard luggage boxes with a lining and a mesh compartment.


Best Self-Weighing Suitcase

Not many suitcases can weigh themselves, but the 25-inch Enkloze X1 Weight Watcher suitcase can, thanks to its built-in digital scale and tiny, removable watch battery. Yes, it literally calculates the entire weight of the luggage after you pack it full.

This durable, hardshell bag has dual TSA-approved lock latches (in lieu of exterior zippers) and shock-absorbent spinner wheels to match its stylish rose-gold-trimmed design. What's more, it has a fully-lined interior and multiple mesh pockets — those do zip closed — for maximum organization as well as auto-folding handles. Some reviewers noted that it scratches easily, but most suitcases are prone to wear and tear.


Best Investment-Worthy Smart Luggage

Unlike the option above, this 22-inch smart carry-on, which started as a KickStarter campaign, comes with a removable 10,000 milliampere-hour (mAh) power bank that's outfitted with dual USB ports. To set it apart even more as an innovative contender worthy of a splurge, it has a built-in Bluetooth luggage locator and G-RO's proprietary, larger-than-normal GravityWheels made to withstand repeated use and harsh weather.

This bag has a roomy interior compartment, zippered exterior pockets, and a telescopic handle that make it easy to pack and carry. Some reviewers do note, however, that its 9-pound weight can feel a bit heavy when fully loaded and that it's prone to tipping over.

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