These Stick Foundations Will Solve All Your Makeup Holiday Packing Dramas

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Real talk: up until a couple of years ago, I really really hated stick foundations. I thought they were chalky, drying and tacky on skin, and there wasn't a single one around I would actually recommend. Fast forward to now, and I love a good stick formula. The product that ultimately changed my mind was the Hourglass Vanish Seamless Foundation Stick, which not only provided great coverage, but promoted a glow I usually associate with liquid foundations. These best stick foundations are all winners in my eyes, however.

So why should you try a stick foundation? Let's start with the obvious: they are hella easy to use. Seriously, all you need to do is apply them like a crayon all over the face and buff them in (I recommend using a highly dense buffing brush to effectively blend everything in). It literally takes less than a minute to do, making the humble stick ideal for busy mornings or, well, the lazy among us. They are also relatively mess and fuss-free. While liquids can spill and kind of go everywhere, sticks are solid, both in texture and in reliability.

But arguably the very best thing about stick foundations is that they are incredibly travel friendly. If you have limited liquid allowance while travelling by air, a stick is a great alternative that won't take up crucial space. As mentioned, they are also totally mess free, so you won't have to faff around while travelling, particularly if you are on a tight schedule.

I have really grown to love stick foundations, and there are so many amazing options now both from higher end brands and drug store brands. I have tried a fair few, and have selected my absolute favourites, which you can now read about below. You're welcome!

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