11 Of The Best Meme Reactions To Episode 1 Of BBC's 'Dracula'


Every time an old classic is wheeled out for another rendition, it's easy to kind of roll your eyes and think "not this again." However, the BBC's new version of the most famous vampire story of them all proves there's life in the old dog yet. And all of the OMG Twitter reactions to Dracula are a real sign that this tale is just as able to shock, thrill, and scare as it was when Bram Stoker first told it back in 1897.

If you've not watched it yet, let me just say it's very much on the edge of being OK to watch with your parents. Although TBH any scenes including sexual references or actual bonking are quickly eclipsed by scenes overflowing with blood baths, slimy goo, and downright terrifying beasts and violence. And if you haven't tuned in yet, you may want to wait till you have before reading this piece — serious spoilers await.

If only there were a way of measuring how many people spat out their tea or left-over Christmas booze when Sister Agatha dropped that little nugget of info on Dracula's sexuality in the first scenes of the show. Or how many people did a sick in their mouths when an actual fly crawled into Harker's eye? Or how many people screamed when the mother superior totally lost her head (literally). Oh hey one second, there is. It's called Twitter. These are some of the best reactions shared during Wednesday's show. You're welcome.

Sister Agatha is the serious but also low-key acerbic heroine we all need during difficult times.

A few people were quick to notice the similarities between this icon and another much beloved TV nun.

The bisexual twist was a bit shocking to some fans. Fans who obviously haven't read the book in which Stoker makes it fairly clear that Dracula is very open to all genders, as reported by the New Yorker.

Aside from bad ass nuns and more openness regarding Dracula's sexuality, the show had some serious gore in store for viewers.

Poor old Harker experienced a pretty tragic make-over which sees him go from dapper young lawyer to super gross crusty creature. His appearance had Twitter users making all kinds of comparisons.

Hopefully the new show might provide a tourism boost for Dracula's castle. There's nobody living there anyway right?

Dracula continues on BBC One Thurs Jan 2 at 9p.m.