The Best Reactions To Winter ‘Love Island’ Are Already Picking Out 2020’s “It Is What It Is”

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There was a lot to take in while watching the inaugural episode of Winter Love Island. We met a group of impossible beautiful islanders, were introduced to a new (three-storey!) villa, and saw Laura Whitmore take on the hosting gig for the first time. However, while all this was going on, true stans were also keeping one eye on the platform where it all kicks off. The twists and turns of episode one kept Twitter alight with cutting commentary, hilarious hot takes, and, of course, memes. Below are the best Twitter reactions to the Winter Love Island launch.

Episode one got off to a pretty brutal start, with none of the girls stepping forward for 23-year-old builder Nas Majeed. From there, the awkwardness only continued. Ollie Williams from Cornwall also failed to catch the eye of anyone, and, on top of that, there were a fair few attempts from the girls to re-couple before the show had even really begun. Eeek.

In short, episode one was uncomfortable AF. And Twitter was living for it. Leaving no turn unturned, viewers pounced on every cringe-worthy one liner and stilted conversation. And then there was that dabbing incident. There were also also a few predictions for the upcoming series floating around, with lots of people hoping for a surprise appearance from one islander's famous ex. Well, we can dream...

Ready & raring to go

Explain yourself

Imagine it

Wish you were here


Will he ever clock on?

Cheers mate

I done my ACL

Never. Not. Scrolling.

Who IS he? Who is he? Where did you find him?

Congratulations, guys