A New Study Says This Is The Best City In The Country For Single People

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When you think about the benefits of being single versus the drawbacks, you probably rarely consider that location might have something to do with it. Is it harder for singles in your area to live, meet, and date than it is for singles in other parts of the country? Or are you living in a single haven?

That's exactly what Wallethub, the credit advice site, looked at in a recent study. They looked at 180 U.S. cities, assessing them based off of 34 different factors to get a sense of how single-friendly they were — taking into consideration everything from the average cost of a date to the percentage of single people to salon costs and rent for a one-bedroom apartment.

The range around the country was huge — and even the number of single people varied massively. Detroit, at 73.77 percent single, has a huge proportion of singles — while in Fremont, California the number sits at as low as 37.71 percent.

What dating looks like (and costs) also varied. In Garden Grove, California the average restaurant cost was only $12.78, which is a whopping 9.4 than the $120 a restaurant will cost you in Dover, Delaware. Of course, you can do your best do date on the cheap. "Dinner dates don't always have to be at pricey restaurants," Karenna Alexander, a dating coach and matchmaker based in NYC and Connecticut, tells Bustle. "Inexpensive restaurants that are trendy and hip can be just as satisfying and fun."

That being said, the costs can still add up — and it's one of the many difficult things about being single that you might come against, depending on where you live. So with all of these variations, where is a great to be single? Here's what the research found.


Atlanta, GA

Atlanta came in at number two on the dating opportunities list, but still managed to come in at first place overall. Although they also had the highest average price for a movie, at nearly $15 — so those dates may not be coming cheap.


Denver, CO

Denver had solid scores in both in terms of fun and dating opportunities, leaving it in the number two spot.


San Francisco, CA

There was a lot of California on the list, but San Francisco ranked higher than any other Californian city.


Portland, OR

Portland had high scores in categories like nightlife and fun, putting this famously hippie city in the number four spot.


Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles may be home to the rich and famous, but it's a pretty damn good city for singles as well, rounding out the top five.


Seattle, WA

Seattle did well in the recreation department, helping it score the number six spot.


Chicago, IL

Chicago, the windy city itself, managed to get into the top 10, partially due to its strong recreation scores.


San Diego, CA

The third California city in the top 10, San Diego, came in at number eight on the list.


Minneapolis, MI

Minneapolis didn't score as high for recreation as many other cities in the top 10, but with a better economics score than most of the other top cities it earned itself a place.


Portland, ME

Finally, Portland, ME rounded out the top 10. The only New England city on the list, it's known for its laid-back vibe and arts scene — making it great for singles.

Being single will always have its pros and cons, but it's interesting to look at how where you live might affect your single experience. Pay attention to the opportunities for singles in your area, because there's always a way to have fun and love your single life.