These Vacuums Work So Well You Won't Believe They're Under $50


You're probably looking for a vacuum cleaner for obvious reasons — you know, dirt, dust, and dander. But if you're on a budget, finding one of the best vacuums for under $50 can be quite the confusing challenge.

From canister to cordless to upright and stick, there are so many different types of vacuums out there that — before you can even think about purchasing one — you need to decide which is right for you and just how powerful you need it to be. For example, if you have pet dander to zap, you'll want something with excellent suction and, ideally, a pet hair attachment. And if you have allergies, one of the best vacuums for allergies will help alleviate your symptoms.

But before you get too overwhelmed with all the possibilities, here's the skinny: I've already done the hard work for you. Below, find five different vacuums that stand out for specific reasons, making it super easy for you to find the one that will seamlessly fit into your cleaning routine. And because you're on the hunt for a budget-friendly machine, they're all under $50 with rave reviews to backup their functionality despite that low price point. Cheers to less dust!


The Best Two-In-One Stick Vacuum — And The Overall Best Deal

A recognizable classic, Dirt Devil's Simpli-Stik Vacuum boasts 120 volts of dirt-sucking power in a lightweight, 4 pound package — and it has a detachable hand vacuum, adding to its already-great value. The two-in-one cherry red tool features a 16-foot cored and works on all surfaces, from rugs to hardwood, but that's not all: The hand vacuum comes with a handy (get it?) crevice tool for tiny spaces or upholstery. Like its counterparts, this innovative stick model is bagless with washable and reusable filters. A happy Amazon customer gushed, "I've used it for 3+ years and can definitely say it works as well or better than bigger, more powerful household vacuums."


The Best Upright Vacuum For Pet Owners

If you love your pet but loathe their shedding, BLACK+DECKER's Airswivel Upright Pet Vacuum Cleaner is for you. Unlike clunky uprights of the past, this machine weighs in at just under 9 pounds and, thanks to swivel steering and an ergonomic handle, feels natural to push around. With washable foam filters and an easy-empty 2-liter dust cup instead of disposable bags, it's environmentally friendly and ready to use on any floor type. It comes with a two-in-one crevice tool for those hard-to-reach areas as well as an aptly-named pet tool for sucking up large amounts of hair on surfaces like soft dog beds and upholstered cushions. One Amazon reviewer confirmed this vacuum works for pet hair, writing: "This thing really does a good job sucking up all the pet hair. My dogs are hard on vacuums. I've broken them in just a few uses but this little trooper is doing great."


The Best Canister Vacuum

Upright vacuums aren't for everyone, and if you want something a little quieter and easier to carry around, opt for a canister vacuum with cyclonic action like BISSELL's right-at-$50 Zing. It's just under 8 pounds and features useful specs like a retractable 15-foot cord and a built-in handle that's ready to grab and go... anywhere. Since this green bagless vacuum is safe to use on all floor types — even drapery, thanks to a telescopic wand — you can take it everywhere. Don't worry, the dirt cup is removable and you can even wash the filter, too! "This little vacuum is amazing," an Amazon customer wrote in a review. "Works better than our other vacuums that cost 10 times the price."


The Best Cordless Hand Vacuum

For an extra convenient cleaning experience unhindered by cords, reach for this 16-volt hand vacuum by BLACK+DECKER. With a sleek rotating nozzle and hidden accessories like an extendable crevice tool and a brush tool that flips up, it's a compact option you'll appreciate having around for little messes. Outer specs aside, this fierce cordless vacuum delivers power-wise, too. Its lithium ion battery features energy-saving smart charge technology, and Amazon reviewers report it lasting up to 20 minutes off the (included) four hour fast charging base. As with any vacuum, keeping its washable dirt cup clean will increase its cyclonic action power and boost its lifetime. As one reviewer put it, "Can’t believe it took me this long to find something so small but powerful. The pros are it reaches small areas, it’s powerful enough to pickup [sic] everything, but the con is it only can sit on my counter top... wish I could have hung it on the wall."


The Best Desktop Vacuum

Stop awkwardly wiping crumbs off your desk, and get yourself mini desktop vacuum that adorably looks like a ladybug. This little AA-powered machine comes in two colors options (the pictured red version as well as a green one) and is capable of cleaning your desk with the push of an on/off button — well, and a little manual movement on your part. Its removable filter is painless to clean, and Amazon customers are obsessed with its niche usefulness. One person explained, "Very silly, but actually works pretty well to clean up stray dirt, dust, etc. from desk and around plants in my office."

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