People Are Tweeting The BEST Responses To The Annoying "Why Are You Single?" Question

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It seems like any time you're not in a relationship, there's one super annoying question people just love to ask you: 'so why are you single?' Even when it's brought up casually or out of innocent curiosity, being asked why you're still single can be really frustrating. The question not-so-subtly implies that being in a relationship is the "norm," and you're outside that norm because something is wrong with you. The truth? No one is defined by their relationship status, and being single at any given time doesn't mean anything is wrong with you — besides, some people are just genuinely happier on their own.

Although 'why are you single?' is a question that usually comes with negative connotations, a recent trending topic on Twitter is proof that it can be liberating — and hilarious — to share some of the weird reasons why you're not in a relationship. As part of a segment for The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon asked fans on Twitter to share the funny or embarrassing reasons they're not in a relationship using the hashtag #WhyImSingle — and man, are they relatable.

Whether you're single by choice or by circumstance, here are 13 tweets that will remind you that even though you might not be in a relationship, you're far from alone.


Making Conversation Is Annoying

Oh, were you talking to me?


Sharing Food Is The Worst

Seriously, don't touch my fries.


A Very Valid Point

This actually makes perfect sense. No further questions.


Crunching Chips Isn't Sexy

Luckily, they're solving this problem for all of us loud-chomping ladies.


Boy, Bye

Never let anyone tell you that you need an "attitude adjustment" — eyeroll.


Talking To A Crush Is Scary

*Fumbles and drops note cards with possible conversation topics*


Going Outside Is Hard

If you need me, I'll be in bed, under the blankets, with the curtains drawn.


Unrealistic Relationship Expectations

Who needs an IRL partner when you can date your fave fictional character in your head?


Nobody Has Time For That

Relationships require a lot of patience — which can be a dealbreaker for some people.


Who Needs A Partner Anyway?

Relationships can be fulfilling, but you're not "incomplete" when you're single.


In A Relationship With My Bed

I'd love to go out, but then I'd have to miss out on a full ten hours of beauty sleep.


Waiting For Someone Equally Awesome

There's no reason to be in a relationship just for the sake of not being alone — so don't feel weird about waiting for someone just as awesome as you are.


Simply Overqualified

It's not me, it's you.

Ultimately, it doesn't matter why you're single: all that matters is that, whatever your relationship status, you're happy and confident on your own — because in the event that you do want a partner, that independence is exactly how you'll attract someone worthwhile.