The Premiere Date For 'Big Brother 19' Is Here

by Jordana Lipsitz

First, let's all reflect on the fact that Big Brother has been kicking it as a series for almost 20 years. Crazy. Anyway, now on to the hot news of the moment, aka the recently revealed Big Brother 19 premiere date. According to Just Jared, CBS shared that the new season starts on Wednesday, June 28, with a two-hour long special at 8 p.m. ET. Wow, June 28 is so close you could shake a stick at it... if that's the sort of thing you like to do with sticks. And it's not like the show will premiere and then you'll have to wait for more action. As per usual, the show will be broadcast three times a week on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays, so you can keep your eyes on the exploits of the cast members.

Big Brother is a reality competition show that follows a gathering of contestants, or houseguests as they are called in the show, who live and compete together in a special home built specifically for the competition. Not only are the houseguests totally isolated from the rest of the world while they compete, with no outside communication whatsoever (unless there's a death in the family), they are also living under constant surveillance. (Hence the name "Big Brother," an homage to George Orwell's dystopian novel, Nineteen Eighty-Four.)

These constantly-watched contestants compete for the grand prize of $500,000 by competing in weekly competitions. Contestants also must deal with the threat of "eviction." To be honest, the whole thing seems stressful from a competitor standpoint, but is super fun for fans of reality competition shows.

Who knows what will happen in this new season? Will Big Brother keep up the tried-and true format or add a little something extra this round? Whatever happens, get excited for the drama. Because no matter what happens, there will be drama.