The Book Gilly Is Reading In The 'Game Of Thrones' Season 7 Photos Could Mean A Popular Fan Theory Is Happening

Fans have spent approximately one day with the latest Game of Thrones Season 7 photos, and they've already uncovered a major Easter egg. Interestingly, one new photo from GoT Season 7 links Gilly to Azor Ahai, and it all comes down to details. Uber fans attempted to deduce what Gilly is reading in the photo, and it turns out, it might be all about the Prince Who Was Promised, aka Azor Ahai. As a quick reminder, in the world of GoT, Azor Ahai is prophesied to be reincarnated and combat the impending darkness facing the men of Westeros and Essos.

As with all things GoT theory-related, we'll have to take the following examination with a grain of salt because there is no concrete proof this is true; however, if it is, it could be huge for the future of the hit TV show.

Over on Uproxx, a report broke down precisely why it is huge that Gilly might be reading about Azor Ahai. Uproxx sourced a Reddit post from user itsjayrr, who painstakingly attempted to translate what Gilly was reading. Here's what they translated:

It is also written that there are annals in Asshai of such a darkness, and of a hero who fought against it with a red sword. His deeds are said to have been performed before the rise of Valyria, in the earliest age when Old Ghis was first forming its empire. This legend has spread west from Asshai, and the followers of R’hllor claim that this hero was named Azor Ahai, and prophesy his return.

If this is actually what Gilly is reading, then it could be a smoking gun on GoT, direct evidence that this Azor Ahai prophecy the show's fandom has been discussing for a while now could be incorporated into a future Game of Thrones storyline. It would make sense considering there's already been a resurrected character on the show: Jon Snow.


This Easter egg has the potential to be negated once Season 7 actually begins, but I honestly don't think it's one to turn our noses up about. There's definitely reason to consider it a valid clue about what to expect in respect to Jon Snow's fate.