You Probably Didn’t Catch Every Single Celebrity Cameo In The New ‘Kimmy Schmidt’ Season

Eric Liebowitz/Netflix

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is back once again as of May 30, with beloved characters and new famous faces joining the show's wacky universe. The pool of New York talented eager to work on this Netflix series does not disappoint, and the cameos in Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Season 4 Part 1 include Broadway stars and comedians alike.

Returning in Season 4 is, of course, Jon Hamm as Reverend Richard Wayne Gary Wayne. He's so integral to the plot of the show that he barely counts as a cameo at this point, even if he only pops up sporadically. Creator Tina Fey, who has appeared as multiple characters over the course of the series, is not in this season thus far. Peter Riegert also returns briefly in some scenes as Artie, Lillian's latest lover. Mikey (Mike Carlsen), Titus' on again off again construction worker boyfriend, is also back. Comedy and/or theatre nerds may recognize actors Grease Live favorite Noah Robbins as Kimmy's boss Zach, and UCB's Jonathan Braylock as "Banana Boy."

As for the other starry surprises, here's who else you saw in Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Season 4. The six episodes that make up the first half of the season don't include as many cameos as you may expect from this series, but there are still more episodes to come before the series is finished, and with them, likely more guest stars.

Greg Kinnear

Eric Liebowitz/Netflix

The actor appears as himself in the Season 4 premiere. Titus convinces him to help him impress Mikey and pretend to be filming a show with him called The Capist. Kinnear then sets him up with a pitch meeting at YouTube Brown.

Derek Klena As Doug/DJ Fingablast

Eric Liebowitz/Netflix

He starred as Demitri in Anastasia on Broadway and leads a whole documentary episode of Kimmy Schmidt as DJ Fingablast. He's been on the show before — remember how Kimmy convinced Jacqueline's trophy boyfriend to follow his dreams and become a DJ? That's him! His place in the Kimmy Schmidt mythology grows every season.

Amy Sedaris As Mimi Kanasis

Eric Liebowitz/Netflix

Jaqueline's BFF returns as well, this time with a new job as her secretary and even bigger hair.

Aidy Bryant As Tabby Bobatti

Eric Liebowitz/Netflix

The Saturday Night Live performer plays the Reverend's live-in (meaning, consensual and not in the bunker) girlfriend in a flashback/news clip. It's a very brief cameo that better be expanded on in a later episode, because... what?! Fans need to know more about this character.

Bobby Moynihan As Fran Dodd

Eric Liebowitz/Netflix

The former Saturday Night Live performer plays a Men's Rights Activist.

The Cast Of Orange Is The New Black

Briefly, listening to Cindy preach in one scene, the fellow Netflix cast can be spotted — or, at the very least, a cast of extras meant to resemble the Litchfield Penitentiary inmates.

Jason Jones As Fred

The actor, star of The Detour, and former Daily Show correspondent appears mid-way through the season at a conference.

Drew Gehling As Danford

Another Broadway performer shows up as a friend/love interest to Kimmy at said an out of town conference. Gehling recently starred in Waitress on Broadway. If you need a good cry, listen to him performing the song above with composer Sarah Bareilles.

Zosia Mamet & Evan Jonigkeit As Sue & Bob Thompsteen

Eric Liebowitz/Netflix

Reprising their hipster roles from previous seasons of Kimmy Schmidt, the former Girls star and her real life husband, who is uncredited but you may recognize from Sweetbitter and X-Men: Days Of Future Past, show up at Titus' accidentally immersive school play experience.

Stephanie D'Abruzzo As Jan S. Port

Another Broadway performer known for a sad, sad song (is Kimmy Schmidt OK?) — D'Abruzzo plays an anthropomorphic backpack in the midseason finale.

Busy Phillips As Sheba Goodman

Eric Liebowitz/Netflix

Also in the midseason finale, Phillips plays the daughter of Lillian's former paramour, who's also her new rival.

Between these new players and that cliffhanger ending, Season 4 is shaping up to be quite the ride. When Season 4 returns, hopefully some of these characters will make their way back as well.