Twitter Can't Handle This Hilarious 'Captain Marvel' Goose Easter Egg In 'Winter Soldier'

If you've seen Captain Marvel, then you know that the movie's breakout character is Nick Fury's kitty BFF, Goose. And you may also have realized that there's a Goose Easter egg in Captain America: Winter Soldier that's, in retrospect, hilarious. In fact, the kitty's shout out in the 2014 movie will change the way you watch Winter Soldier forever. Beware, there are major spoilers for Captain Marvel ahead, so if you haven't made it to the theater yet, turn back now.

After years of speculation, Captain Marvel finally answers the question, what happened to Nick Fury's eye? It seems Goose scratched it, and it wasn't as minor as he initially thought. To be fair, the kitty is actually a type of alien known as a Flerken, so his scratch is likely to be a bit worse than your average cat scratch. (Although, you really don't want to be scratched in the eye by any species, alien or not.)

The answer to the mystery feels weirdly perfect, since it's so far off from what fans were expecting. But it's also made the scene in Winter Soldier when Fury tells Captain America "the last time I trusted someone, I lost an eye" unexpectedly hilarious. It turns out he's comparing Cap asking him for his trust with his own "betrayal" by his Flerken feline friend. Poor Fury is completely enamored with Goose, and more than a decade later, he's still not over his furry friend repaying his utter adoration with a life-changing scratch. The trust issues are real, people.

Now that fans know who Fury was talking about in that scene, they simply can't handle it.

Twitter user @midtown_spidey tweeted, "i will never look at this the same way ever again lmao alsksjjj." Another user, @fidgetybrunette, wrote, "Also, Nick Fury couldn't have lost his eye in a better way. I have never lol-ed this hard." Captain Marvel fan @Payton_Hubbard added, "nick fury: the last time i trusted someone, i lost an eye also nick fury: good kitty goose scratched me but he meant no harm." It seems that knowing Fury's trust issues stem from Goose and that unfortunate scratch is too much for MCU fans to handle.

Fury is so adamant in that Winter Soldier scene, it's hard to watch it now without giggling. It's unclear if the plan was always to have Goose be responsible for the S.H.I.E.L.D. director's iconic eye patch or not, but either way, it was a delightfully unexpected reveal. It also adds a deeper layer to Fury's friendship with Goose, who he is pretty much obsessed with from the moment the two meet.

If there's any justice in the MCU at all, then Avengers: Endgame will include a Winter Soldier callback scene where Captain America finds out Fury hasn't trusted anyone since he trusted Goose. An alien cat that he thought was the cutest thing ever. And then Steve Rogers will get the good laugh that he deserves after dealing with so much sadness since he was unfrozen. Now that's a full circle Marvel moment that needs to happen.