Here's Everything You Need To Know About The Scene-Stealing Cat In The 'Captain Marvel' Trailer

After Infinity War, fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe all know there's a huge battle on the horizon. And that makes now the perfect time to get a new glimpse at the powerful hero that's going to save them all — Captain Marvel aka Carol Danvers. But while the new Captain Marvel trailer introduces the "noble-warrior-hero" coming to change the MCU as we know it, there was another character in the trailer that grabbed everyone's attention and had us all wondering: who is the cat in the Captain Marvel trailer?

On Dec. 3, the second trailer for Captain Marvel premiered during Monday Night Football. It comes months before the film's March 8 premiere, and goes more in-depth into Carol Danvers story than the first trailer. That means, the new footage teases even more characters, like a feline that looks suspiciously like Captain Marvel's cat from the comics.

Though the cat was previously teased in the film's first poster, now that a feline is actually featured in the trailer, many theories have arisen about who this cat really is. To many, the cat in the trailer seems like a regular kitty. But fans of the Captain Marvel comics will know that her "cat" Chewie isn't really a cat at all.

In the comics, when Captain Marvel leaves to explore the universe, she takes her cat Chewie, named after Chewbacca, with her, thinking she's just a regular 'ole house cat. However, according to a Marvel fandom Wikia, Rocket Raccoon lets her know that Chewie is actually a Flerken, which is an alien that resembles Earth cats in appearance and behaviors (minus the fact that, you know, they lay over 100 eggs at a time and can shoot tentacles out of their mouths).

But is this movie cat Chewie, the Flerken? It's possible, but the new Captain Marvel Funko Pops suggest a different theory.

On Nov. 30, Funko's Twitter account announced the new Captain Marvel Funko Pop figurines, including many forms of Carol Danvers and also two different versions of her cat. However, instead of her name being "Chewie," it's listed as "Goose." So maybe this is just a normal cat after all.

However, according to Polygon, Goose is still Captain Marvel's pet Flerken, just renamed to honor the movie's Top Gun inspiration (Captain Marvel's new cat appears to be named after Anthony Edwards' Character, Goose). While it would have been cute to keep Carol Danvers' Star Wars obsession in the movie, as SyFy guessed, it might have been changed so there's no crossing over between the two Disney properties (Marvel Studios and Lucasfilms).

Regardless of whether or not Goose is a Flerken, the cat's appearance in the trailer already has fans talking. At the end of the clip, the orange cat makes its screen debut and sits right in front of Fury for some good head scratches. They're presumably in the military facility where Carol is searching for information on her past. Maybe the cat knew her before she lost her memory, or maybe it will become her new furry friend. Either way, this is certainly a highlight of the trailer.

Because at the end of the day, despite superpowers and government agencies meant to keep humans safe from alien invasions, we're all just cat or dog people at heart. And it's heartening to see that even Nick Fury has taken a side.

And who knows, maybe Goose/Chewie has a part in how Fury lost his eye, as @Khanimus suggested on Twitter.

March 8 is not only going to bring about Captain Marvel, the strongest hero the MCU has ever seen, but her furry Goose as well. And that makes fans extremely grateful and antsy for the premiere.