The 'Celebrity Big Brother' Premiere Date Just Got Announced & Fans Are So Pumped

by S. Atkinson
Sonja Flemming/CBS

Exciting news for anyone who's been missing their favorite reality show: Celebrity Big Brother finally has a premiere date. It'll air starting on Feb. 7, 2018. It's a smart choice, dropping the show soon enough to get fans of the franchise pumped and right in the bleakest part of winter — post-Christmas, right after the novelty of New Year's resolutions have worn off. Goodness knows viewers are going to need the comfort offered to them by celebrities being cut off from the rest of the world and spending long enough in a house that they divulge their secrets, forgetting about the cameras.

It's particularly wonderful news, since it marks the first time the celebrity version of the show hits the U.S. And it's about time. According to IMDb, the British Celebrity Big Brother dropped as early as 2001. In their 2017 edition, according to The Mirror, the British version included a bonafide pop star (Sarah Harding from Girls Aloud), a The Bachelorette villain (Chad Johnson), one of the The Real Housewives of Beverley Hills (Brandi Glanville), and a television psychic (British paranormal series Most Haunted's Derek Acorah) amongst others. While details are limited so far, JustJared reported that the American Celebrity Big Brother will last three weeks and will boast "four to five episodes per week" during its run.

According to Twitter, despite it being a totally new version of the show in the U.S., people are all sorts of excited.

People Have Been Obsessing Over It & Finally, They're Getting Some Concrete Information

If you're a Big Brother superfan, you'll know it's been a long, hard wait. After all, according to The Hollywood Reporter, CBS announced an American version of Celebrity Big Brother way back in September.

Fans Are So Grateful

It's like Christmas come early if you're really into seeing celebrities up close and personal.

But Some People Think This Should Drop Sooner

When viewers are ravenous for some celebrity reality TV action and they have to wait until the week before Valentine's Day. That's a lot of waiting.

Others Are Being Pragmatic About February's Wealth Of Reality TV Riches

You've got to admit, that's some eerily perfect timing. Just as viewers are starting to feel as claustrophobic as those in the house, they can take a televisual trip to Fiji, which is where Entertainment Weekly reported Survivor Season 36 will take place.

Others Just Want It To Last Longer

It's easy to understand why viewers want it to last longer — after all, the last non-celebrity Big Brother lasted almost three months long, with Buddy TV reporting Big Brother 19 started on Jun. 28 and The Hollywood Reporter reporting the show, which was won by Josh Martinez, ended on Sept. 20.

So Many People Want Tiffany Pollard To Star On The Show

This makes sense — the Flavor of Love personality starred on the British version of Celebrity Big Brother as recently as in 2016, according to IMDb. However, it seems unlikely she'll find time to appear. IMDb also reports she's currently in the middle of filming on reality show The Millennial Mogul.

Of Course, There's Still One Major Question

Obviously, the show's all about the people on it — without a really strong cast, it'll be hard to win new fans to the show. Fingers crossed CBS have got lots of big names and even bigger personalities already signed up.

If you'd been counting the days til Christmas, it's time to adjust your calendar. Presents and family and snow's one thing, but watching a bunch of celebrities get chatty in a house? Roughly a million times better. Get excited. CBS's latest, greatest reality show is headed your way and it's almost here.