'Big Brother' Celebrity Is Officially Happening, Giving Fans Something New To Look Forward To

Johnny Vy/CBS

It's a good thing that winter months are known for staying indoors, because Big Brother fans won't want to leave their TV sets for a second in early 2018. On Thursday, CBS announced Big Brother is getting a celebrity edition, and this will be a first for the U.S. franchise. As you'd expect, fans of the series are already so here for the idea, sharing their excitement on Twitter almost instantly.

In a press release on CBS' website, executive producers Allison Grodner and Rich Meehan said,

"Celebrities will be under the watchful eye of the Big Brother cameras, facing the classic game elements, and of course new twists in this special winter event."

As for who exactly those celebrities will be, details are (unfortunately) currently under-wraps, but CBS encourages everybody to "stay tuned." When you think about it, the possibilities are truly endless, and fans are probably going to demand answers in the very near future. Will they be singers, athletes, actors — all of the above? It'd even be great to get some crossover from other reality series. Maybe it's another future venture for former Bachelor star Nick Viall — he's already done Dancing With The Stars, so this seems like a logical next step.

Actually, speaking of Dancing With The Stars, when you think of how many star-studded contestants sign up each season, maybe Big Brother Celebrity will get just as many willing participants. Fingers crossed.

And while the celeb edition of Big Brother is set to air in the winter of 2018, don't think that cancels out the show's usual summer schedule. The website also clarified that this is "in addition to BB's upcoming milestone 20th season in Summer 2018." As for the series itself, CBS promises "multiple episodes per week during a concentrated run, the series’ signature Head of Household and Power of Veto competitions, and Live Evictions." Oh, and don't worry, Julie Chen is hosting.

In response to the news, fans let out their feelings (aka endless enthusiasm) on Twitter.

1. Finally

Seriously, what took so long?

2. Endless Excitement

To quote Mean Girls, the limit does not exist.

3. It's About Time

Fans' patience is finally paying off.

4. Let's Fast Forward The Clocks

Can we skip ahead to 2018? Pretty please.

5. Get Your Dance On

It's time to celebrate.

6. Fan-Casting

Tiffany Pollard, better known as New York, already appeared on the U.K.'s Celebrity Big Brother in early 2016, so she's a pro.

7. Too Distracted To Care About Anything Else

Sorry, not sorry.

8. Even The Host Is Excited

Chen tweeted her reaction, too.

9. Another A+ Casting Option

You know Spencer Pratt would make a great addition to that house.

10. One More Great Suggestion

Again, excellent idea.

11. Minds Were Lost

Fans seriously couldn't contain themselves.

12. Already Prepared

Bring it on, BB.

13. Channeling Kermit

There's no better reaction.

At this rate, it's safe to say this major Big Brother announcement went over well with fans. Now, they'll just need to drop more details — like, now.