This New 'Charmed' Reboot Trailer Is Your First Look At The Next Generation Of Witches

by Nathan Diller

There is a new trio of magic sisters coming to cast spells on your TV. On Thursday, The CW unveiled the first trailer the Charmed reboot, and while some aspects of the show look familiar, the network is introducing the world to a brand-new generation of witches.

Whereas the original version of the show, which starred Holly Marie Combs, Alyssa Milano, and Shannen Doherty — who was later replaced by Rose McGowan — focused on the Halliwell sisters, the reboot will focus on Macy, Mel, and Maggie Vera, played by Madeleine Mantock, Melonie Diaz, and Sarah Jeffery respectively.

The trailer begins like any good supernatural story: with scenes of dark, foggy streets and eerie music as the girls' mother advises her daughters to nurture their sisterhood. Then Mel and Maggie break the spell, and Mel says, "We are all over it." Maggie adds, "Yeah, we're gonna nurture it so hard," making it clear this is Charmed in 2018.

As the trailer progresses, the girls' mother is murdered and a third sister they didn't know they had — Macy — shows up at their door. The reboot is also more diverse: According to TV Guide, the Vera sisters are of hispanic descent and Mel is a lesbian. In addition, the action has been moved from San Francisco to a fictional place called Hilltowne.

However, from there, the plot progresses much like the original, which aired its last episode in 2006, as The Charmed Ones slowly discover their powers — including telekinesis, mind-reading, and the ability to stop time — and learn about the Book of Shadows, their guide to protecting innocent people and vanquishing demons.

The reboot has been met with some backlash from the cast and fans of the original. In January, after The CW announced their plans to bring the show back, Combs, who played Piper on the show, tweeted,

"Here's the thing. Until you ask us to rewrite it like Brad Kern did weekly don't even think of capitalizing on our hard work. Charmed belongs to the 4 of us, our vast amount of writers, crews and predominantly the fans. FYI you will not fool them by owning a title/stamp. So bye."

Doherty, who played Prue, originally bristled at the network's description of the show as a "fierce, funny, feminist" reboot of the original. However, in response to a fan who remained somewhat optimistic about the reboot, she later tweeted, "Im intrigued by the idea that a new generation might be comforted, inspired like all you were. Charmed helped us all in some way". A number of fans also tweeted the hashtag #StopCharmedReboot.

However, some others celebrated the inclusivity and representation the new version will bring to TV.

As one fan @wantstothrill wrote,

"The Charmed reboot is focusing on LATINX SISTERS with a DIVERSE CAST of LOVE INTERESTS one of which is a QUEER RELATIONSHIP! I am going to DIE!!! I didn't think I would be so pumped for a reboot of one of my fave childhood shows, but this sounds so fresh and updated and awesome!"

Similarly, @_mia_lia also tweeted, "I dont understand why people are upset that they are rebooting #Charmed. I loved that show!!! and Im excitied [sic] to see a reboot with a bit of a more diverse cast!!!"

President of The CW, Mark Pedowitz, responded to the backlash in a conference call with reporters Thursday morning and urged viewers to give the reboot a chance, according to TV Guide. He said,

"Hopefully they would give this new cast a chance. It is not quite the same yet there are many similarities. Hopefully they will give it a shot. We are happy with who we casted. We think it's a nice mix. [Showrunner] Jennie Snyder Urman has reimagined it somewhat. I can only say to fans, before you make a decision, watch the series."

There's no word yet on an official premiere date, but the reboot is set to air this fall, so fans will have to wait until then to make up their minds.