Meet The "Cheese Cone," AKA An Ice Cream Cone Of CHEESE

by Nia Decaille

Provolone. Gouda. Sharp Wisconsin Cheddar. Mozzarella. Are you foaming at the mouth yet? If you're a cheese lover, you know that even lactose intolerance can't stop (or maybe it can) your love for this flavorful array of dairy excellence. But wait, there's more! You can now get a cheese plate on-the-go. That's when we were blessed with the "Cheese Cone". Think of a cheese plate, but in a cone made of flatbread! There's no turning back now, you are going to be cheating on that summer lifestyle change you insisted on.

Beloved cheese lovers, don't be afraid: this is ingenuity and foodie-ism coming together in a well-engineered snack. So is there anything else besides cheese and bread? Yes, and yes! The flatbread is filled with brie, salami, a cranberry and pistachio cheddar for the adventurous types, topped with a fruity pear paste and bread stick stuck right down the center. If you're thinking, "wow, this is a lot of flavor... is it safe to eat?," you have successfully read my mind. But there's nothing to be intimidated about when you have a yoghurt cheese at the bottom to cleanse your palette of all of that flavor.

Who in their right mind would think of such a concoction? Kurrajong Kitchen Lavosh and Hunter Belle Cheese which made its debut at the Cheese Lovers Festival in Hunter Valley, Australia.

But don't take my word for it. Annie Chesworth, the co-founder of Hunter Belle Cheese, told Mashable via email that they wanted to combine ingredients that "weren’t going to overpower each other. In any dish, it’s important to have a balanced palate; sweet, salty and texture."

If that doesn't convince you that this is the right reason to give it a try, then the reviews might change your mind. After piloting the cheese cone, many who bought it devoured it in five minutes, according to Mashable.

Unfortunately (or fortunately?), the only way to try this invention is to travel to Australia. In theory, you still have some time! The Cheese Festival where you can find the Cheese Cone isn't until June 17-18. If you choose to pass on this very tempting foodie adventure, I can't blame you. It's hard for a cheese lover with wanderlust and strict budget. But you have to admit, a cheese cone sounds pretty cool! And it doesn't mean that you can't try to recreate a version for yourself if you're a DIY queen. Your Pinterest followers will thank you.