This New Brand Only Sells This '90s Staple

by Eliza Florendo
The Cords & Co

Remember back in the '90s when practically every item people wore was made out of corduroy? Fuzzy in feel and thick in weight, this magic material was versatile enough for both casual and polished wear. If you miss the fabric, it's your lucky day. The Cords & Co company is a Stockholm-based company that, yes, as crazy as it sounds, focuses their collection exclusively on corduroy.

Corduroy, big in the '70s and the beloved late '90s and early aughts, is making a major comeback. If you don't believe it, just check out Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner's latest street style looks. Somehow, these supermodels have managed to turn it from looking like your grandfather's outdated suit to a chic, must-have fabric for the fall season, whether it comes in the form of a jacket, skirt, or pants.

And apparently, The Cords & Co company saw this opportunity and ran with it. According to their website, The Cords & Co was born out of a group of people's shared love for corduroy, a "versatile, durable, and unique textile everyone has a relationship with."

Their mission is to "spark the corduroy revolution," and from the looks of their trendy designs and polished cuts, they're already on their way now.

The Cords & Co

Wide Leg Corduroy Pants, $160, The Cords

It's more than just your average pants and jackets — they've got sweatshirts, dresses, shirts, and more.

The Cords & Co

Corduroy Motorcycle Jacket, $475, The Cords

A warm and stylish looking jacket.

The Cords & Co

Oversized Corduroy Shirt, $185, The Cords

Minimalist and so good.

The Cords & Co

Corduroy Box Top, $130, The Cords

That button down detail though.

The Cords & Co

Corduroy Shirt Dress, $225, The Cords

For a laid back aesthetic.

The Cords & Co

A-Line Corduroy Skirt, $130, The Cords

Who doesn't love this pretty blue hue?

The Fall 2017 runways were chock-full of corduroy, in all sorts of rich colors like burgundy, canary yellow, and chocolate browns. So if you're looking to hop on the trend, The Cords & Co is definitely your first stop.

With their throwback, yet trendy styles, it's like bringing the best of the '70s and '90s to the present, giving the forgotten fabric some much-needed love.

Since it's a heavy textile, it's perfect for the fall and winter, keeping you warm no matter how many degrees below freezing it gets. Sure, denim does the trick, but there's nothing like corduroy pants to keep you cozy in the fall and winter months.

Who knows, the all-corduroy look may just replace the Canadian Tuxedo.