The Best '70s Inspired Corduroy This Fall

ICYMI, the 1970s are a huge fashion influence this fall. Not only is the '70s color palette of mustard yellows, Bambi-esque fawn, and warm wine making a comeback, but corduroy fashion is making a very stylish statement this autumn/winter as well. Think of Saturday Night Fever but with less glitz and glam and add to the look the casual vibes of The Brady Bunch combined with the hazy, laid back looks of the Lisbon sisters from The Virgin Suicides, and you've got it nailed.

As a Millennial, I have looked through many dreamy photos of my mother as a child and teen in the '70s — and it looked like a great era to grow up in. Not only was it a time of peace, love, freedom, and a lack of inhibitions (in England, anyway), but the fashions of the time had a lazy luxe feel to them. Outfits were simple and could be worn from dawn until dusk, from the floaty dresses to the bell sleeves to the corduroy skirts. Chic comfort was everything.

So if you wish to channel Marcia Brady or Lux Lisbon, here's how to get super '70s style with the new darling of fall fashion: corduroy.

1. The Classic, Corduroy Skirt

After Dinner Cord-ials Skirt, $60, Modcloth

This classic, fawn-colored skirt is a super simple way to inject some '70s vibes into your fall wardrobe. If you wish to keep it true to the era, wear with some thick and ribbed over-the-knee socks and a floaty, floral print top in autumnal shades. If you want to give it a modern twist, pair it with thick tights, knee high boots, and a stripy long sleeved top.

2. The Ridiculously Adorable Romper

Olivia Baby Cord Playsuit, $30, Boohoo

Get super cute with this sweet, burgundy colored romper. If this dark, berry shade doesn't float your boat, it's also available in a '70s tan or black. Wear it with ankle boots in autumn and when winter comes around, don some thigh high boots and a faux fur jacket to keep away the chill.

3. The Forest Green Skirt

ASOS Cord A-Line Skirt With Curved Button Wrap, $45, ASOS

Stick to autumnal shades when choosing your cord pieces to look really on point this fall. Nothing screams 2015 fall fashion than a forest green corduroy skirt.

4. The 1970s Statement Flares

High-Waisted Cord Flares By Topshop Archive, $125, Top Shop

When it comes to fashion, sometimes it's best to go bold or go home. These striking, scarlet flares are a great way to show you're not afraid to experiment with tricky trends. Pair with a stripy, knitted polo neck to show that the trousers aren't wearing you, but rather you are wearing the trousers.

5. The Sleeveless Dress

Cord Button Front Dress, $20, Top Shop

This sleeveless dress will prove an absolute life saver in these strange, trans-seasonal times. If it's a hot day, take inspiration from the model and wear the dress with your favorite sandals. If there's a chill in the air, wear a long sleeved top underneath, some tights, and a pair of ankle boots.

6. The Plus Size Modern Leggings

Plus Size Roaman's Corduroy Leggings, $13, Amazon

Ditch your jeggings and go for a '70s inspired alternative with these blue, corduroy leggings. They are also available in a dark pink shade and come in sizes 12 to 22.

7. The Cord Shorts

ASOS Curve Cord Shorts with Zip Pocket Detail, $45, ASOS

Show off your lovely legs with this awesome pair of black cord shorts that are sure to go with most tops in your wardrobe.

8. The Pink Dress

Mod Dolly Margot Pink Cordurory Shift Dress, $98, Not On The High Street

Pink is set to be a fashion industry favorite this fall, so why not combine the '70s corduroy trend with the pink trend and you can kill two birds with one very fashionable stone? On another very interesting note, women are beginning to debate their love of pink, arguing that ladies do not have to reject things associated with femininity to be feminists. In the '90s, Baby Spice was a pink pioneer and she was all about girl power. So wear this pink dress with pride.

9. The Classic Cord Jacket

ASOS Curve Shirt in All Over Cord, $63, ASOS

IMO, every woman should have a cord jacket hanging in her wardrobe. Like a denim jacket, they are just so versatile and can be added to an array of garments such as feminine dresses, a blouse and jeans, or even a pair of full on '70s flares. There is quite a range to choose from, such as this casual tan jacket to military styles to cord jackets with peplum waists, so you're sure to find the right style for you.

Images: Courtesy Brands