This Is The Creepiest Thing About You, According To Your Myers-Briggs Type

by Eliza Castile
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When all is said and done, the internet has two main purposes: cat videos and personality quizzes. Who among us can honestly say they haven't stayed up till the wee hours to find out what they should eat for breakfast based on their favorite Kardashian? If that sounds like a grand ole time, you'll be excited to know that today, you can discover the creepiest thing about you based on your Myers-Briggs type. What you do with that information is up to you.

For the uninitiated, the Myers-Briggs personality test was created by the mother-daughter duo Katherine Cook Briggs and Isabel Myers in the 20th century. According to the Myers Briggs Foundation, Briggs was intent from a young age on helping people unlock their own potential. Differences in personality interested her in particular. After she and Myers came across the famed psychologist Carl Jung's theories of personality types, which proposes that people are inherently different in the way they see the world, they developed a questionnaire to classify people based on their Jungian preferences. The result was the Myers-Briggs personality assessment, which categorizes people into one of 16 possible personality types. Each type is based on four dichotomies: introversion or extroversion; sensing or intuition; thinking or feeling; and judging or perceiving.

The official Myers-Briggs test is available to take online, if you haven't yet. Once you know your type, read on to find out what makes people edge away from you at parties.

ISTJ Is Totally Robotic

Logical, responsible, and organized, you ISTJ (introversion, sensing, thinking, judging) personality types are exactly the kind of person everyone wants on their group project. However, those same qualities, combined with your natural shyness, can make you come across as robotic sometimes. Crack a smile or two at parties, and you'll be amazed how much more willing people are to talk to you.

ISFJ Collects Creepy Things

Warm, caring, and stable, ISFJ is probably one of the least creepy personality types on this list. Well, it would be if you didn't have such an extensive collection of vintage porcelain dolls lining the walls of your bedroom. You might think they're cute, but not everyone agrees.

INFJ Is, Like, Really Intense

Thought to be the least common personality type, you INFJs are a rarity, but you're in good company. Several important figures throughout history, including Martin Luther King, Jr., and Susan B. Anthony, share your same personality type.

You may be quiet on the outside, but that belies an intellectual, driven inner landscape. In fact, you're probably out to save the world — or at least part of it. While you might achieve your goal, this combination of confidence and ambition can come across as way too obsessive sometimes.

ISTP Looks Out For Themselves

ISTP is the cool, analytical type, but your rational nature is balanced out by a sense of adventure. Although it's landed you in hot water before, you usually come out of the shenanigans intact. However, that might be because you're always looking out for yourself, which doesn't always go over well with other people. Whatever — you're just realistic, right?

ISFP Stalks Social Media

You may be introverted, but you care deeply about other people. While you might prefer to stay in on Friday nights, you like to make sure your friends are okay throughout the night. Over the years, this has led to the formation of a slightly creepy internet stalking habit. You know everything about everyone, and you can't tear yourself away from your phone for more than a few hours. Frankly, you dread the day you accidentally "like" your ex-best friend's sister's Instagram post from 2013.

INFP Fantasizes About People They Know

An INFP personality type can usually be found staring off into space, living out some elaborate scenario they've concocted. You're a thinker with a deeply-held moral code, and you like to mentally review all your options before you make a decision. All that daydreaming can get a little weird, though, when you start fantasizing about your friends' lives — as in, imagining where they'll end up in life. As far as creepy traits go, it's pretty harmless.

INTP Brings Up Awkward Subjects

INTP types prefer to be alone for many reasons, up to and including a hatred for social norms. You're polite when it suits you, but you prefer to be straightforward in your conversations. When you have something to say, no topic is off-limits. People will get over it eventually.

ESTP Is A Smooth Talker

An ESTP personality is observant and clever, making them the quintessential smooth operator. You can convince anyone to do pretty much anything, whether it's trying a food they know they hate or choosing a party theme, before they even realize it's happening. It's a little unsettling, so use your powers for fun, not evil.

ESFP Is A Hedonist

According to Personality Club, famous ESFPs include Bill Clinton, Katy Perry, and Hugh Hefner. You're a natural entertainer and always the life of the party. On the flip side, your fun-loving nature sometimes spills into total hedonism. You're not terribly loyal, which can come as a surprise to the people who thought they were your best friend.

ENFP Drops Friendships Like They're Hot

ENFP types are quick to befriend people, and they're so detail-oriented that they remember birthdays and anniversaries with ease. Unfortunately, this friendship comes with (unspoken) high expectations, and if they aren't met, you shed friends as quickly as you meet them. My advice? Cut your friends a little slack before you get a reputation as a sociopath.

ENTP Plays Devil's Advocate

Quick-minded, logical, and complex, ENTP likes to set up a debate and watch it play out. You might not actually agree with Jonathan Swift's satirical plan to eat babies to prevent famine, but you enjoy playing devil's advocate so much that you'll pretend to for the sake of entertainment.

ESTJ Holds Eye Contact Too Long

Analytical and responsible, you can shoot up the corporate ladder with an ease you coworkers envy. You're not terribly empathetic, though, so you might not have noticed that your handshakes and eye contact go on too long. It's making people a little uncomfortable.

ESFJ Needs To Be Watched

ESFJ, you're ultra-friendly and genuinely interested in what other people have to say, qualities that make you popular in every setting. This can be a problem, though, if someone doesn't seem to like you as much as you expect. Sometimes, you might feel like you do anything for attention, don't you? I don't need to remind you how badly that can end up — Mean Girls does that for me.

ENFJ Is Super Controlling

An ENFJ is an innate nurturer, always looking out for the needs of friends, family, and total strangers. You feel like you have everyone's best interests at heart, which makes it even more painful when they go against your advice and get hurt. But have you ever stopped to think about how all that advice is interpreted? You're a wee bit controlling, ENFJs. Some might even say you're possessive, especially where your best friend is concerned.

ENTJ Wants To Live Forever

ENTJ is the kind of person who Gets Stuff Done, capital letters very much necessary. Ambitious and always looking for improvement, you're definitely going places. Just maybe stop talking about your obsession with achieving immortality so much, or at least until you have some concrete plans to live forever. Until then, it's a little... creepy.

INTJ Is A Cynic

In addition to being one of the rarest types of all within the Myers-Briggs system, INTJ folks can also be extremely cynical. It's not their fault — they just know that they're a rare breed, and thus, excel at things more easily than others.

Editor's note: This piece has been updated from its original version.