This 'Bachelorette' Moment Was Creepy AF

Paul Hebert/ABC

If you need a gimmick to get noticed on The Bachelor/ette, Adam certainly had one on Rachel’s season of The Bachelorette. It’s Adam, Jr., a medium-sized dummy that I guess sort of looks like him! I thought we had seen the last of Adam, Jr., but I was wrong. In fact, Adam, Jr. was the creepiest part of The Bachelorette in the June 26 episode.

Rachel has scooped up all of her men and brought them to Oslo, Norway, where the snow is white and the air is crisp. It’s very scenic. But the group date in Oslo is not about the scenery — it’s about cold, hard sport. Rachel takes the contestants to play handball — the European kind that’s like basketball, football, and soccer rolled into one. Everyone but Bryan, Lee, and Kenny is on the date, and the teams are pretty stacked. Honestly, I don’t know the rules of handball or anything else, but it just looked like the men were trying to “guard” Rachel a little too hard. That’s just my view. Anyway, as I said before, I thought I had seen the last of Adam, Jr. The real Adam hasn’t had a one-on-one date (I guess it would be a two-on-one in his case), and I figured that the doll was a gimmick for the limo arrivals. But I was wrong, because guess who was creeping in the corner of the handball game? Adam, Jr.!

Do you think he has a passport? How does he got through security? Is he checked or put in the overhead bin? Do you think that ABC buys a seat for him? I have so many questions about Adam Jr., and I’m afraid none of them will be answered. For instance, why is he even still there? To be the world's creepiest mascot apparently. And, given how disturbing (but oddly hilarious) he is, I'm sure the show isn't ditching him any time soon — so keep your eyes peeled for more Adam Jr. sightings as Rachel travels the globe.