The One Crystal That Will Help All Zodiac Signs Feel Zen During February's New Moon

David McNew/Getty Images News/Getty Images

On Monday, February 4, the lunar cycle will present a new moon, offering new opportunities to reflect, resolve and remind. Thanks to the new moon's position in Aquarius, we'll have the luxury of feeling a sense of relief with this lunar transition, as the water sign has a calming and fluid effect on us. A mellow astrological alignment is a great opportunity to sow seeds for the future, so you'll want to keep in mind the best crystal for the February 2019 new moon.

Many people believe that keeping certain crystals around can enhance and ward off certain energies, allowing you to curate the vibe you want around you. Whether you've worked with crystals before or have a lot plans for the month ahead and want to try a new method of manifesting your goals, you'll want to ensure you have the right crystals.

Bustle talked to shamanic healer and energy medicine practitioner, Aisha Amarfio, who is also the author of CRYSTALS: A Guide to Using the Crystal Compass for Energy, Healing, and Reclaiming Your Power about the powers of crystals and which one will serve us most efficiently and progressively under the February new moon. "Crystals are energy conductors, and have a correcting effect on our energy field, according to our needs and the properties of the crystal. As conductors," Amarfio explains, "they transmit and transform energy, clearing us of blockages and aligning our energy to be more in harmony with our soul," basically, they help us get back in touch with ourselves, Amarfio believes. "When we are aligned with our soul, we can tune in to our intuitive wisdom and express our heart’s highest desires," she continues. Of this belief, Amarfio picked one stone that she finds to be the most useful and powerful for this particular new moon, here's what she says about it.

Optical Calcite

According to Amarfio, during the new moon Optical Calcite is our ally. The stone has "the ability to elevate your seeing so you can move forward with clarity," Amarfio explains. "With the power of the Aquarian new moon, working with an Optical Calcite invites us to apply some attention to the things that matter to us most." Aka, you can de-clutter your brain and refocus your mind on your path and the things that really matter in the future.

Amarfio suggests meditating with an Optical Calcite on this new moon, so that we can "have clarity to make intentions to serve our soul."

So find yourself a stone, (don't worry it's totally beautiful and will look amazing on any surface you keep it on) and turn it over in your hands as you meditate or keep it close by all throughout the night of the new moon. Optical Calcite is also known to have cleansing and energizing properties to it, so it might be the perfect stone for early in the week or after a stressful day.