It's War Between The Families Of 'Empire'

Chuck Hodes/FOX

Cookie has really stepped in it on Empire. Ever since she rebuffed Angelo DuBois’ engagement on basically live television (note: live television or stadium proposals are literally never a good idea at any moment, any time), he and his whole family have been on the warpath against the Lyon pride. I don’t know if Angelo is more hurt that his heart got smashed on the ground or that he probably won’t be the mayor of New York City anymore. The DuBois family is feuding with the Lyons on Empire, and there can really only be one winner.

Mama DuBois is the one with teeth, so I knew that she’d follow through on her threats. Angelo draws first blood though, shutting down Lucious’ club by way of the fire marshal. Sorry, kids — no bottle service here tonight. Then, another DuBois by the name of Ezekiel tells Snoop Dogg (yes, the real D-O-double-G) not to invest in Lucious’ Las Vegas club, costing Lucious some serious dough. Cookie tries to appeal to Angelo to call off the dogs, and she's met with a lot of unkind words and a lot of grief by Mama DuBois. If the question is, "Can’t we all just get along," the answer is hell to the no.

Jamal is the peaceful Lyon of the clan, and he tries to broker a peace agreement by anonymously donating $5 million to the DuBois’ scholarship fund. Jamal always wants to see the good in people, and normally, I’d be proud of that, but in this case, it doesn't work. At the end of the May 3 episode, the Lyon family (even Anika and Mama Lyon) are having a grand old lunch, getting along; getting divorced (Lucious is setting Anika free to the tune of $25 million); getting to be a daddy (Lucious puts Hakeem’s name on Bella’s birth certificate), and boom — Child Protective Services comes to take away baby Bella due to an anonymous tip of neglect. I mean, I can’t say that they’re wrong, because when do we ever see that child?

The DuBois have the power and connections to hit the Lyon family where it hurts, and even though there’s no proof that they’re behind this, who else could it be? I guess their détente is over.