Meghan Just Wore Some Super Ethical Earrings To A Charity Event & They're Edgy AF

by Aoife Hanna
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She may not be an actual princess but she is certainly the princess of fashion, and killing us all with these ever slaying looks. I mean wearing white multiple times after your wedding is about as iconic as it gets. You guys all know that when Meghan is involved, the looks are going to kill, and y'all I nearly dropped dead when I saw the latest edition of fashwan from the newest addition to the royal family. In particular, the earrings Meghan Markle wore to SmartWorks in London are super cool.

Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Sussex, served HRH haute fashion with a pair of earrings that are a little more fashion forward than one might expect from a member of the royal clan. So these earrings are edgy because they have a "multiple ear piercing" effect, making it look like the wearer is uber pierced and not afraid to be a little out there. They are made by Kimai which is a jewellery company that prides itself on being ethically made and sustainable, with their diamonds being responsibly sourced and lab made.

And what else could you possible expect than sustainable, ethical, and fair—from this royal family member who is doing her best to contribute to a better world.

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According to their site they are just about as cool a jewellery company as you can come by.

"Our diamonds have the same purity and quality as those mined from the earth. In fact, they’re identical in all ways but one — Kimai diamonds are much kinder to the planet. Because mining diamonds displaces land, wastes water, and pollutes the air. Not to mention puts a strain on local communities. So, by doing things differently, we want to help make a world that’s more sustainable, ethical, and fair."

The earrings retail at £315 each, so they're certainly not on the cheaper side, but they are hella cool.

But what was she out and about doing?And OMG how radiant does she look with her lovely baby bump? So basically she has been announced as the royal patron of Smart Works. And what is Smart Works I hear you ask? Well it is a pretty rad, female focused charity, that is an absolute hero to women across the nation. The purpose of the charity is to provide interview clothing for unemployed women in advance of interviews. According to their website, the women referred to them have been trying as hard as they can to get work, and having their confidence knocked.

"Women are referred to us from organisations such as job centres, work programmes, prisons, care homes, homeless shelters, and mental health charities. Half have been unsuccessful in over 20 applications. A third have been turned down from over 50 jobs. All are suffering from a lack of confidence in their own abilities."

New, interview appropriate clothing is a small change that can boost their confidence, self worth, make them feel more professional, and perhaps — change their lives. According to their Twitter page, in five years they've seen 11,000 women. Of those 11,000, 60 percent went on to get the job they interviewed for, changing their lives and their families lives too. This charity's greatness was recognised in 2017 when they won the Social Care, Advice, And Support category at the Charity Awards.

According to one of their clients, the services provided really changed a lot for them.

"I felt valued, cared for, even loved, helped to look fantastically dressed and to feel proud of my life experience and abilities."

Meghan becoming a patron of this charity shows that she is keen to support other women, and long may that continue.

Check out their website if you would like to support Smart Works