The Easiest Way To Make Yourself Happy, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

The blues got you down lately? What with the dark moon hovering over us and throwing all of our feels into a frenzy, and the ever-present dreadful sadness and grumpiness we can experience due to winter's seasonal affective disorder, it might be kind of hard to keep your mood up lately. Luckily, there's a such thing as a way to make yourself happy based on your zodiac sign. That might come in extra handy this season.

Each of you astrological heroes has a special sort of activity that can make you happy and loving yourself more; maybe it's already part of your self-care routine, and that's important! Also remember and try to write down reminders that you have so many positive qualities — obviously beyond your star chart, but also because of your spiritual essence. Whether it's the empathetic aspects of a Cancer or the hard work ethic of a Capricorn, each of us has the capability of bringing light to the world in our own ways. Astrology is a powerful reminder of that, whether you use it to track your horoscope or to understand your personality and what makes you tick. So keep your chin up and read on to find some fixes.


Physical activity is something you constantly need to thrive; it doesn't even have to be full-on exercise if that's not your jam, because even a walk will do the trick. In fact, the minute you can plant your feet on the ground and go, go go, you'll be on the path to picking up your mood. As the baby of the zodiac, you are one of the youngest souls on Earth, so you need to do something that matches your free spirit to keep your cardinal fire burning. And you also love the new, so maybe try to take a unique exercise class to spice up your routine. Kickboxing? Acro-yoga? You got it. You need somewhere to channel the aggression inside of you that can sometimes be stressful to deal with.


Relaxation is your best modus operandi, Taurus. You're a sensual being with a magic link to the 2nd house of materialism — this doesn't mean you're shallow, though. This means you know how to self-care probably better than a lot of people out there, and you hardly realize it. When you're comfortable, you become the true nurturer and earthy, grounding presence your community needs. So make sure you go out there and get a massage, take a bubble bath, and hone in on your senses. You'll feel less overwhelmed and refreshed in no time.


Intellectual debates are the best way to keep your mind stimulated and ready to go. Your brain is so quick that sometimes sitting still is the worst thing for you! Even if school isn't for you necessarily, you're a natural intellectual who can never resist going deep into an idea or musing about some weird philosophy you've heard about, whether basic or out of this world. If you're more extroverted, finding a bud to chat about these concepts to is the best way to feel cheerier. If you're more of a bookish introvert, make sure you're surrounding yourself with books that will keep you exercising your smarts (dead authors are great companions, too!).


Quality time is important for you. Cuddles optional, too! Not all Cancers are necessarily super physical, but you do at least want to be around people you care about and spending time with them. It's not needy — it's just a way to fuel connection and grow bonds with the awesome humans on this earth. Furnishing your home can also be a soothing activity that makes you happy — valuing your hospitable side and brainstorming ways to make hangouts even more fun is your idea of fun. Making your friends and loved ones feel at home might be the perfect way to infuse some joy into your life.


Sometimes partying can do the trick, Leo, but you've gotta be feelin' yourself with the right people. You don't have time for drama or second-guessing people's intentions — you want to surround yourself with true friends, not around people who will judge you for being your natural charismatic self. If you're into activities where you're frequently performing, whether it's karaoke, acting, or standup comedy, etc. you'll feel a lot more at home with the spotlight. And it's not about the people needing to shower you with attention — it's about you being able to express the depths of your brave heart and devotion in a well-received space.


You hate feeling unproductive, so hobbies that let you exercise your natural perfectionistic side might be the best way to feel happy. Gardening (when it's not so cold out!) is always something that can make a Virgo feel productive. But if you aren't interested in letting yourself or your seedlings freeze to death, try a different activity, like cooking. In the kitchen, you can truly create something worth savoring (literally). Knitting is also surprisingly soothing for an anxious mind like yours. As long as you let yourself exercise your creativity in the solitude that can help you reflect, you'll be golden.


Meditation is important for everyone, but as the sign of the scales, you really value balance within. Your mellow soul craves it. Let your brain expand, and then re-contract, as you enter an inner place where you are free of expectations (that you sometimes place upon yourself!) and can be whoever you want to be. Possibilities are important to you, Libra, so make sure you're always finding ways to ground yourself and free yourself. Once you meditate, you'll also be better at that conflict mediation you always find yourself engaging in between people, and you'll also have a clearer mind and happier heart about who you are and what you stand for!


Having really, really deep conversations has always been your go-to for when you feel down. Scorpios need to feel connected with the rest of our fellow homo sapiens, as the signs that are sometimes considered "the darkest." It's not that you're a moody person, Scorp — you just understand that the human experience has not always been rainbows and butterflies, but you gravitate toward healing the deepest of people's traumas. You have a way of seeing into people's souls, and the boundaries to make sure you get out in one piece. Not saying every Scorpio is destined to be a live-in therapist, but sometimes, being able to just talk about the deeper meaning behind life (a Gemini would probably be ideal for this sort of conversation!) and get real personal about what's up with your soul can make you happy as a clam. Or a scorpion, for that matter.


You're also someone who gets re-energized by physical activity, just like your fellow fire sign of Aries. For you, it's more to ignite your natural ruling house of philosophy, the 9th house. Go on an adventure in your own way — whether it's venturing into an amusement park, or taking bae on a hike into the wilderness. Expand your horizons and look out into the world of possibility. It's a great big earth we live on, and whenever you take a new step out, whether it's to a foreign country or just in your own backyard, you'll find more and more happiness with each step.


You're a planner, so plan. As a cardinal, career-minded earth sign, you need structure and order in your life, even if you may be a free spirit in your own way. Capricorns enjoy knowing what the next step for their goals are — even if those goals are to just have more fun. You'll be happier if you map out the exact route for how you're going to get to where you want to be — whether it's starting a new endeavor, getting more serious in your relationship, or planning a life-changing trip or event.


Get involved with the community around you for a cause you believe in. Whether it's helping your neighbors host a bake sale, getting involved with a local activist cause to enhance your fierce political beliefs, or writing a blog post on what you've realized about life lately, let your intellectual side out, Aqua. You're much more than the spontaneous, mystical-seeming soul most people try to sum you up as. Your sense of knowing about the world is being enhanced as we enter a new age, and you should put that out there in the best way you can. It'll leave a smile on your face.


You're a sponge for energy, Pisces, so let yourself withdraw and just get enough sleep. As the oldest soul in the zodiac, you need to make sure you're always looking out for yourself by going within and resting. Rejuvenation is so important to you, that when you are sleep-deprived, your perspective will be more irritable and it'll be harder to tap into the universal sense of joy that you can access when you need to. But first, make sure your body's 100 percent up to speed and that you can handle what comes your way physically. Because believe it or not, that'll help you emotionally.