The Easiest Way To Make Yourself Happy, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

The blues got you down lately? What with the dark moon hovering over us and throwing all of our feels into a frenzy, and the ever-present dreadful sadness and grumpiness we can experience due to winter's seasonal affective disorder, it might be kind of hard to keep your mood up lately. Luckily, there's a such thing as a way to make yourself happy based on your zodiac sign. That might come in extra handy this season.

Each of you astrological heroes has a special sort of activity that can make you happy and loving yourself more; maybe it's already part of your self-care routine, and that's important! Also remember and try to write down reminders that you have so many positive qualities — obviously beyond your star chart, but also because of your spiritual essence. Whether it's the empathetic aspects of a Cancer or the hard work ethic of a Capricorn, each of us has the capability of bringing light to the world in our own ways. Astrology is a powerful reminder of that, whether you use it to track your horoscope or to understand your personality and what makes you tick. So keep your chin up and read on to find some fixes.