The Emerald Eye Makeup Trend That's Taking Over Instagram

While the makeup-melting temperatures of summer may not be a beauty guru's favorite thing, it's no secret that this year's eye beauty trends are taking inspiration from Mother Nature. And the new, Instagram-beloved emerald eye makeup trend is the perfect blend of lush summer greenery and glam.

So far this summer we've had sunset eyeshadow and tiny (real!) flower eyeshadow — aka "terrarium eyes" — trends take over the 'gram, and with emerald eyeshadow being embraced by folks like Manny MUA, it isn't surprising that this gorgeous green look is sticking around. In the caption of an Instagram snap of his perfect green winged liner, MUA christened the look with, "Green is the new black," and I couldn't agree more.

Of course, the experts on Instagram are taking emerald eyes beyond simple liners and shadows, like in this glittery twist, and this sweet negative space version. Some folks are even taking the nature inspiration to the next level by including actual foliage, while still others are blending in another of this year's eye trends — super bright makeup — to create stunning, nearly neon looks.

One thing's for sure: Emerald eye makeup is a trend with lots of room for interpretation and inspiration. Check out some of the best Instagram snaps of this summer-ready look below.

glowed_uppp's tutorial brings a sweet, subtle purple to highlight the shimmery green.

This negative space version from chiaraberti__ may only involve one shade of green, but the look's bold, swooping lines make it truly next-level.

vanessa.gervala's multi-layer emerald eyes are totally classic, with a smoky finish that would be perfect for bright beach days and nights by the fire.

No matter what your version of emerald eyes looks like, it's certainly a trend that's bringing the summertime magic.