'Real Housewives' Fans Are Convinced That 'SNL' Just Parodied Erika Jayne

Will Heath/NBC

Saturday Night Live cast member Cecily Strong has taken on many celebrity impressions during her time on the series. She has hilariously stepped into the shoes of First Lady Melania Trump, Sofia Vegara, Kendall Jener, and Rachel Maddow, to name a few. In Saturday, Nov. 4's episode, Strong may have done a perfect Erika Jayne Girardi parody on SNL and Real Housewives fans are living for it. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills personality is not mentioned or identified in the sketch by name, but fans on Twitter thought it was fairly obvious that SNL was parodying her.

The sketch was so funny that host Larry David broke character and could not stop laughing during it. SNL cast member Kate McKinnon even asked David if he was OK, because it was so unexpected. Maybe he's a Real Housewives fan, too? In the sketch, a lawyer named Vincent (played by David) has a party with a bunch of other lawyers to celebrate his recent marriage. In comes Candice (played by Strong), who is dressed in gold and provides him with a pocket square. "Look at you lawyers, serving up Ally McBeal realness," Candice says in the sketch. "I'm gagging."

Vincent continues, telling the other lawyers that Candice is supportive of the gay community, much like Erika Jayne, who is a big supporter of the LGBT+ community. Candice tells the lawyers that she does "appearances" for a living and she's got a lot of sass, just like you know who. Candice bears a physical resemblance to Erika Jayne — both have long blonde hair and are fabulous — but this connection remains largely unsaid. Candice is married to a lawyer, just like Erika Jayne is married to lawyer Thomas Girardi. Coincidence? I think not.

Will Heath/NBC

Like Erika Jayne, this Candice character is also a singer. Erika Jayne released the album Pretty Mess in 2009 and her recent singles include "Xxpen$ive," "Crazy," and "Painkillr." In the sketch, Candice then performs a song at the party while she's surrounded by shirtless male dancers. It must be seen to be believed.

In the sketch, Vincent confesses that he's not quite sure how old she is — "she's either 18 or 55" — but declares her "timeless A.F." and makes the other lawyers answer the call-and-response in her song. Aww. He even has a complex explanation for the meaning of her song.

Even though Strong's character was named Candace, Real Housewives fans immediately recognized her as being an Erika Jayne parody and they voiced their delight on Twitter.

Some fans immediately tweeted at Erika Jayne to alert her to the parody.

The sketch granted long-lasting happiness to this Real Housewives fan.

Most fans were loving it and laughing along with the sketch.

One fan praised Strong's performance as (maybe) Erika Jayne.

This fan was not pleased with the parody and demanded respect for her.

This Twitter user had a unique casting suggestion.

Unfortunately, some Twitter users were not immediately clued in to the awesomeness of Erika Jayne.

Boy were they missing out.

This is also not the first time SNL has referenced the fab star of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Earlier this year, SNL aired a sketch in which a group of tough men have a lip sync battle to her song "Xxpen$ive," and that week's host Chris Pine even channels her dance moves.

Even though SNL didn't outright parody Erika Jayne during Saturday night's sketch, it's clear that someone on the writing staff is a Real Housewives fan and watches the show. Who knew SNL and Real Housewives could make such a great combo? Next time, it could even be a parody with the Housewives' names and everything.