The 'Even Stevens' Cast Has Some Surprising Ideas About Their Characters' Futures

Disney Channel fans got a dose of nostalgia on Wednesday, June 17, when the Even Stevens cast reunited on Christy Carlson Romano's YouTube channel to celebrate the show's 20th anniversary. In addition to Romano (Ren), actors Nick Spano (Donny), Tom Virtue (Steve), Steven Anthony Lawrence (Beans), AJ Trauth (Twitty), Lauren Frost (Ruby), Jim Wise (Coach Tugnut), and George Anthony Bell (Principal Wexler) all joined in on the fun alongside several executive producers and various members of the crew. Notably absent from the festivities was Louis Stevens himself, Shia LaBeouf.

Even without LeBeouf, the hour and half long Zoom reunion was full of behind the scenes stories and reminiscing. However, one of the most interesting exchanges involved the cast and writers theorizing about where the characters would be today. Lawrence immediately chimed in to reveal Beans no longer loves bacon. "I think Beans is part of the vegan movement now," he said.

Meanwhile, Spano had his own thoughts on where Bean ended up, suggesting that the former bacon-loving kid is now a traveling shaman. As for his own character, Donny, he and the writers were in agreement that he and Tugnet now live together. However, Ren may have the best future of them of all.

One of the show's writers, Dennis Rinsler, suggested that the over-achieving middle child of the Stevens' family pursued a career as a professional singer. Fans will remember from the show that Ren secretly loved karaoke, but Rinsler pointed out she's going to need a new stage name. "She had to change her name from Isis... that just doesn't hold up today," he joked.

No one offered any idea where Louis might be today — although he's definitely started at least five separate successful business by now, right? — but LaBeouf was still a major presence in the reunion, thanks to stories from the cast and crew. Trauth, for example, remembered that the Honey Boy star told the other kids auditioning for the role of Louis that he had been cast before he had actually gotten the job, introducing himself with: "Hi, I'm Shia, I'm playing Louis Stevens."

The cast and crew also discussed LeBeouf's semi-autobiographical film Honey Boy, which seems to suggest that things weren't always happy for the young actor on set of the Disney Channel hit. Spano respected his costar's experience, but he also shared that for him and everyone else at the reunion, working on Even Stevens was a special experience. For him, "there was nothing but a great sense of community and family on Even Stevens, and we actually all cared about each other," he said.