Here Are The 31 Best 'Even Stevens' Episodes To Watch On Disney+ While Quarantined

Shia LaBeouf, Christy Carlson Romano, 'Even Stevens' on Disney+
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Remember when Shia LaBeouf wasn't a controversial filmmaker, and just that annoying younger brother on TV? If you don't, it might be time to take a walk down nostalgia lane and check out the best Even Stevens episodes to watch on Disney+. The Disney Channel original sitcom about the Stevens family from Sacramento, California, is a classic, and with all three seasons are currently available for streaming, you really have no choice but to watch.

Fans will remember that Even Stevens premiered in 2000 and followed the funny misadventures of siblings Louis and Ren Stevens, played by Shia LaBeouf and Christy Carslon Romano, respectively. At only just 14-years-old, LaBeouf became an instant star. Between his goofy faces, funny antics, and trouble-making tendencies, Louis — and LaBeouf's performance — helped make Even Stevens an early 2000s classic. The same can be said for Carlson Romano, who many girls idolized as teenager Ren. Her character was smart, determined, hard-working, an over-achiever, and refused to settle for less. In other words, they were the perfect foes.

Even Stevens might not have been the longest running Disney show, but it still included many great episodes that deserve a rewatch after all these years. So, here's a list of the 31 episodes of Even Stevens perfect for a marathon.


"Swap.com" — Season 1, Episode 1

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In the very first episode of Even Stevens, Louis tries to trade Ren for a date with the "school nerd" in order to get a special trading card. It really set the tone for the chaotic rivalry between the Stevens siblings.


"Influenza: The Musical" — Season 2, Episode 16

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Sometimes musical episodes are the best episodes. "Influenza: The Musical" follows Ren, who's suffering from the flu. But, like the over-achiever she is, she can't stay away from her education when she's sick. Her illness obviously gets to her, so much so, everyone ends up breaking into song.


"Heck Of A Hanukkah" — Season 1, Episode 15

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In Season 1, Even Stevens shined a light on Hanukkah, rather than the typical Christmas episode of many other series. Of course, Louis is all about the presents and turns into a greed-monster. But, he also quickly learns the importance of the holiday — and with help from a Hanukkah spirit, à la Christmas Carol.


"Starstruck" — Season 2, Episode 1

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BBMak makes a guest appearance — yes, that BBMak — in "Starstruck." For those who also grew up listening to their hits "Back Here" and "Out of My Heart," then you will definitely appreciate this episode. Like Ren's best friend Ruby, you will most likely also be "starstruck" by the end.


"Duck Soup" — Season 2, Episode 2

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Leave it to Louis to screw up something important when it comes to his parents. Actually, this time he even has help from his sister Ren and brother Donnie, who all ruin their mother's dinner when they chase away a famed French chef, leaving them in the kitchen.


"Band On The Roof" — Season 3, Episode 5

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Carlson Romano is also known for her singing, so it was always a treat when she got to show off her musical talents on Even Stevens. This episode was inspired by VH1's Behind the Music from back in the day, taking fans behind the scenes of the Twitty-Stevens Connection band.


"A Very Scary Story" — Season 2, Episode 11

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All hail a Halloween episode. In "A Very Scary Story," Halloween doesn't go according to play after weird things start happening at school and to Louis' friends. You know, like when Principal Wexler and Coach Tugnut start turning the students into disciplined zombies. The horror!


"The Kiss" — Season 3, Episode 1

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This is a big episode for Louis and one of his best friends, Tawny (Margo Harshman). The two decide to take their friendship to the next level after they "accidentally kiss." It's something fans dreamed of after the first two seasons, but, it didn't turn out to be the rom-com many hoped for.


"Secret World Of Girls" — Season 2, Episode 7

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Alert: this is the first time we meet Beans (Steven Anthony Lawrence). Yes, that Beans. Unfortunately, the episode isn't about the Stevens' quirky, sometimes annoying, bacon-loving neighbor, but, rather Louis getting caught spying on Ren's sleepover and then having his sister and her friends give him an unforgettable makeover.


"Little Mr. Sacktown" — Season 3, Episode 6

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You know it's going to be a good Even Stevens episode when Louis enters Beans in a pageant called Little Mr. Sacktown. He even teaches Beans the perfect talent — making fart sounds with his armpit. Classic Louis.


"Close Encounters Of The Beans Kind" — Season 3, Episode 8

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There's no denying Beans is an interesting character, but an extraterrestrial? Oh, yes. Louis and his best friend Twitty (A.J. Trauth) go on an adventure after they think Beans might be an alien. (Spoiler: he's not.) It's quite the episode and even recreates the iconic bicycle scene from Steven Spielberg's E.T.


"Stevens' Manor" — Season 3, Episode 18

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Louis and his friends decide to turn his house into a bed and breakfast to make money for a ski trip. Of course, after his parents leave for the weekend, chaos breaks loose throughout the house. Even Beans gets in on the madness by performing his best masseuse abilities. Yikes.


"Take My Sister ... Please" — Season 1, Episode 3

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Like most of the series, this episode shows Ren and Louis butting heads. Even more so when they join forces for the school talent show. You can probably imagine how well their teamwork goes — or rather doesn't thanks to Louis completely taking over their act. Ren's facial expression above says it all.


"Foodzilla" — Season 1, Episode 7

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After Ren starts a school news station, Louis can't help but want to be in the spotlight. So much so, he decides to interview the cafeteria lady he meanly nicknames "Foodzilla." Needless to say, it does not end well.


"Gutter Queen" — Season 2, Episode 20

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This episode focused on Ren's relationship with her mother, Eileen (Donna Pescow) and Louis' desire for a butler — classic Even Stevens energy. Louis hires a butler named Chives to take care of him and his needs. And let's just say that Chives deserved a huge tip after serving Louis' many ridiculous requests.


"Broadcast Blues" — Season 2, Episode 3

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In typical Louis fashion, he tries to ruin an important experience for Ren in "Broadcast Blues" after she wins a meet and greet with her newscaster idol Cynthia Mills. With help from Twitty and Beans, Louis does whatever he can to intervene, because all he cares about is meeting the weatherman.


"Thin Ice" — Season 2, Episode 4

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Fans must watch this episode purely for the ice skating dream at the end in which Louis goes full figure skater. Plus, Bobby asks Ren out on an ice-skating date. Bobby (played by Brandon Davis) was Ren's main love interest throughout the series, so this episode was a big deal for all the romantics watching at home.


"Devil Mountain" — Season 2, Episode 10

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This episode highlights Tawny's greatness. Not only does she stand up to Twitty and Louis, her two best friends, but she also defends Tom (Fred Meyers), the somewhat social outcast who Louis doesn't always treat well. This episode solidified her badass status and shows it's OK to disagree with your friends, especially when they're wrong. Also, there's some more Ren and Bobby goodness for the shippers. #RenAndBobby4ever


"The Battle Of The Bands" — Season 1, Episode 14

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The more music, the better. Both Louis and Ren compete to play at a fellow classmate's party and, well, you can guess how well that goes. They end up joining musical forces and actually get to play at a party. It's just not the one that they expected at the beginning.


"Secrets & Spies" — Season 1, Episode 11

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This is yet another episode focused around music, more specifically, on Ren's secret hobby as a karaoke performer. Louis goes deep undercover — he even gets himself inside of a mailbox — to find out his sister's secret.


"Raiders Of The Lost Sausage" — Season 3, Episode 7

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This episode is inspired by the Indiana Jones film Raiders of the Lost Ark. Funnily enough, LaBeouf ended up starring with Harrison Ford in the 2008 film Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. But, naturally, Even Stevens' version wasn't focused on an ancient treasure, but on a lost sausage underneath Louis' house.


"Almost Perfect" — Season 1, Episode 20

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There are two very important elements of this episode. One: it shows that even someone like Ren struggles with getting good grades and not everyone is perfect. Two: if you have locker problems and can get the school to let you use a closet, you can and should turn into a private club.


"Ren-Gate" — Season 2, Episode 22

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First, Louis becomes hall monitor. Then, as Principal Wexler's right-hand person, Ren starts breaking all the rules, which Louis discovers thanks to his new position. What could possibly go wrong? This is exactly the type of entertainment Even Stevens fans expect.


"Sibling Rivalry" — Season 2, Episode 13

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Louis and Ren's arguments come to a head in "Sibling Rivarly." Their older brother Donnie puts them on a TV show hoping to solve their issues, which ultimately happens after a lot combativeness. This episode is also major for Ren, who learns an unfortunate secret about Bobby. Also, Winnie Cooper, aka Danica McKellar, guest stars as a love interest for Donnie.


"Short Story" — Season 3, Episode 9

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What makes this episode so great is that LaBeouf not only got to play Louis but another part as well — Louis' lookalike Loomis Freeman. Meanwhile, Ren has even more boy drama after she realizes that a guy she's interested in is shorter than her. Classic 2000s problems.


"Movie Madness" — Season 1, Episode 18

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This is the first time Bobby is shown and we learn of Ren's crush.Unfortunately, there's a big misunderstanding and another student thinks Ren likes him when she's totally into Bobby. Things get awkward. *sigh* High school love is always so complicated.


"Strictly Ballroom" — Season 1, Episode 21

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If you want to feel even more awkward and uncomfortable, just watch the Season 1 finale "Strictly Ballroom," where Ren tries to have a conversation with Bobby. (This is before the they started dating.) And, you may or may not also get to see some of Louis' famous dance moves.


"The Big Splash" — Season 3, Episode 15

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Louis joins the diving team — and it's just as chaotic as it sounds. He can't stop doing cannonballs, and has to learn whether he wants to be known as the class clown forever, or start taking certain things in life seriously.


"Shutterbugged" — Season 2, Episode 12

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This is a big episode for Ren. She finally gets off her braces and just in time for school pictures, only to suffer an allergic reaction to some medication, resulting in the worst school picture ever. Raise your hand if you can relate.


"In Ren We Trust" — Season 3, Episode 21

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In the penultimate episode of the series, Louis, Ren, and their friends find a suitcase full of money. They all agree to let Ren hold onto it, but, as you can probably imagine, holding onto that much money has some unfortunate consequences.


"Leavin' Stevens" — Season 3, Episode 22

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As sad as it might be to watch the series finale, it's a must to see how the series concluded after three seasons. The final episode revolves around the Stevens family moving to Washington D.C. and Louis confessing his true feelings to Tawny. As most series finale goes, there are several surprises.

And, once you're done watching those, there's always The Even Stevens Movie on Disney+ to really solidify the whole viewing experience.