The 'Ex On The Beach' Season 2 Cast Is Basically A Who's Who Of Every Reality Show


This time of year is perfect for taking a few days off work and soaking up some reality TV messiness while your staple shows are on holiday hiatus. Luckily, Ex on the Beach Season 2, premiering on Dec. 20, is there to satisfy that craving for salacious drama as former reality show participants (and their exes) come together for an epic vacation filled with hookups and intense arguments. Is there enough room for everyone’s ego? Maybe so but, according to Us Weekly, the Ex on the Beach Season 2 cast is packed with a few very familiar people who will definitely turn up the heat. There will be 11 singles who are ready to mingle with each other and perhaps one (or three) of the 17 exes along for the ride.

The singles cast has a wide variety of reality TV vets, including alums from Survivor, Big Brother, Fire Island, Teen Mom, and the Bad Girls Club. Many of the exes are reality series newbies, but a few of them have made appearances on shows like Are You The One? and What Happens At The Abbey. Romeo Miller, who has reality experience on Growing Up Hip Hop, will also return for another round as host. Of course, the sneak peek trailer reveals that no one is happy to see their ex baes pop up on an idyllic vacation.

Here's the scoop on this season's main cast:

Farrah Abraham

John Lamparski/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The 16 and Pregnant, Teen Mom OG, and Big Brother alum hasn’t been on reality TV since 2015, but she's ready to give it another round and perhaps find love along the way.

She made headlines a few years ago when she transitioned into adult films and has been known to be pretty vocal about her opinions, so she will be someone to watch this time around, especially since her ex Simon Saran will be joining her on the beach.

The pair have had a complicated relationship and perhaps the show will bring them back together again for good.

Chad Johnson

Chad Johnson rose to fame after competing on Season 12 of The Bachelorette, where he was given the villain edit. Johnson's behavior later led to him getting the boot from Bachelor in Paradise but he kept popping up and stirring up trouble on shows like Famously Single and Celebrity Big Brother, per IMDb.

Now, he's back for more action and will probably get super jealous if his ex-girlfriend Maddie Sullivan hooks up with a fellow castmate. The drama will definitely be wherever Chad shows up.

Angela Babicz

The Bad Girls Club Season 15 contestant appeared on Ex on the Beach Season 1 and fell for castmate Tor’i Brooks, but their smoking hot flame quickly fizzled when the cameras stopped rolling. Will they hook back up in paradise? Or is Angela ready to start something new with another hot guy?

No one knows yet but one thing is for sure – things are bound to get a little wild and crazy when a bad girl steps on the scene.

Corey Brooks

Corey Brooks made an appearance on Big Brother Season 18 and was dating his co-star Nicole Franzel, but things became complicated when they had to return to their respective states.

Nicole won't be his ex on this show, but it will be interesting to see if he gives reality love another chance or if he's just out to mingle and hook up on this prolonged vacation.

Cheyenne Parker

Cheyenne loves to flaunt his chiseled abs and relaxed beach guy lifestyle on Instagram, but he hasn't been too lucky in the love department. He starred on the short-lived Fire Island series where he introduced his then-boyfriend Kyle and had some dramatic moments with his housemates.

His ex is Murray Swanby, who starred on What Happens at The Abbey, and it's no surprise that the pair had sparks because Murray is totally into showing some skin too! Things are going to get interesting between this pair. Perhaps a rekindled romance is ahead.

Janelle Shanks

Angela isn't the only Bad Girl coming to paradise. Janelle Shanks was infamous for stirring up fights and throwing shade during her time on the show, so tons of fans will be tuning in to see what she does each week. There's bound to be some arguments and fights, but hopefully Janelle will find the right person to compliment her bad girl persona.

Jozea Flores

This Big Brother alum will reunite with his former castmate Corey and his old lover Rob when he shows up for some paradise fun. This show is known for rubbing contestants the wrong way, which was indicated in a clip where Flores and his ex-boyfriend have a not-so-friendly encounter.

Rob says Jozea needs to confess to some of his past wrongs, but Jozea is not trying to hear it. Perhaps they'll give love another shot, or maybe Jozea and Cheyenne will start something new in the midst of daily fights and screaming matches.

Malcolm Drummer

Things didn't work out for Malcolm on Are You the One? and it's not looking too hot for him on this show either. He will have to face TWO former flames, Diandra Delgado and Nurys Mateo, both of whom he hooked up with during Are You the One? Season 6. The ladies can't stand each other and probably don't like him either, so it's going to be an interesting love-hate triangle.

Maya Benberry

Maya Benberry is well-known for her 2016 appearance on Catching Kelce where she linked up with NFL player Travis Kelce. Sadly, the relationship didn't work out, but she's giving reality TV show dating another try in hopes of finding a new guy.

That being said, she'll still have her share of old relationship drama with her other football ex JD Harmon. Maya has expressed her frustrations over dealing with her ex on her personal blog, but she says she is determined to take the higher road because karma is real. Let's see if she'll hold up to that philosophy when the cameras start rolling!

Morgan Willett

Morgan appeared on Big Brother: Over the Top and took home the top prize. Now, the Texas girl turned Los Angeles resident wants to win at love, but it's going to be hard with two ex-boyfriends around.

Monte Massongill and Morgan had a fling during their Big Brother time while Jay Starrett has a different type of reality experience from his Survivor days. No matter what happens, things are going to be very, very messy among this trio.

Nicole Ramos

She didn’t win during her cycle on The Challenge but she made her mark with a very big personality. Nicole's ex has not yet been announced, but there's already hints that she might hook up with Chad. The show posted a clip of Nicole saying Chad was physically attractive but she's hoping there’s more to him than good looks and is willing to stir up trouble with Morgan to get to him.

Ex on the Beach is a big mashup of reality TV stars and new faces coming together in an environment that is the breeding grounds for non-stop action. Watch it all go down every Thursday at 8 p.m.