Twitter Thinks This K-Pop Band From The Olympic Closing Ceremony Is The Next Group To Go BIG In The U.S.

Lintao Zhang/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

You may already be on the BTS train, but the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, Korea has brought several other K-Pop artists to the international stage. K-Pop boy band Exo performed at the closing ceremony on Feb. 25, and Twitter lit up with fans declaring that these guys are the genre's next massive crossover success. The nine-member band has been around and topping charts in Asia since 2012, but this platform gave them the opportunity to make themselves known to a wider audience of people all over the world. So their die-hards have full permission to say "I told you so," like they've been doing all over social media during the celebration.

Exo's Winter Olympic closing ceremony performance was right in line with the production value of the rest of the event. They rolled into the arena in all-terrain vehicles and were accompanied by a couple dozen dancers sporting light-up gloves. Performing a medley of their singles "Growl" and "Power," Exo definitely made the most of their few minutes at center stage, killing their flawless choreography and showing off the charisma that's already won them an army of fans.

So U.S. fans — whether they're already into K-Pop or otherwise — should be prepared to see and hear a LOT more from Exo. Here's how Twitter reacted to their big crossover moment:

Some Couldn't Help Getting Emotional

There isn't a boy band fan who doesn't know the pride of watching their guys slay for the entire world to see.

Some Were Ready To Get To Work

Fan armies know what the heck they're doing. They may be better at promotion than actual record companies. So Exo's fans were fully prepared to capitalize on this moment by getting their faves' names out there. The power of social media.

Some Felt Blessed To Actually Witness The Performance

Knowing what time fans in certain time zones had to wake up to be able to watch Exo dominate the closing ceremony live makes their commitment all the more impressive.

Some Said Goodbye To Their Wigs & Also All The Wigs

Bye-bye, wigs.

Some Are Sure That This Is A Sign Of Awesome Things To Come

What do you do after you make yourselves known at the Olympics? Who knows? "This is just the beginning," as this fan says.

Some Were Almost Speechless

Their fans always expect the best from the K-Pop group, and they're happy to report that Exo didn't let them down tonight.

Some Shouted Out Their Hearts

Are you even a boy band fan if you're not as much there for their personalities as you are for their bangers? Feeling personally close to the guys you stan is just a part of the deal, and Exo's army is clearly thinking about what this performance must mean to the members of the band.

Some Watched Until The Very End

Exo bounded off stage, full of energy and satisfaction with their performance. Their fans were taking notes, and hoping they celebrated big afterwards.

Some Were Contemplating Exo's Impact

Exo: *exists*

The world: "Thank you."

Some Were Just Flat-Out Grateful

It's perfectly cool to get strength from your #1 boy band. This fan is holding onto these memories for potential tough times.

Some Thought The Hype Was Long Overdue

According to their biggest fans, Exo earned all of that and more.

Whether this was your first exposure to Exo or you've been waiting for everyone else to catch up, you have to respect the game they laid down at the Olympic closing ceremony. Now that they've definitely won over some new admirers from all over the globe, who knows how far this K-Pop group can go?