'KUWTK' Made Everyone Cry

Rich Polk/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It's one thing to read news stories about Kim Kardashian getting robbed at gunpoint, but it's quite another to hear the story straight from Kim herself — especially when she's one of your favorite celebrities. Since she took a break from public life immediately after it happened in Paris last October, Kim's remained tight-lipped on the subject... until now. Sunday night's episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians tackled the incident and the way Kim and her family reacted, and it was incredibly difficult to watch. In fact, the way fans reacted to Kim's robbery on Twitter proved that the mood was very heavy while the episode aired, and for good reason.

As someone who's watched KUWTK from the beginning and has followed along with Kim's career ever since, it was particularly tough to see something like that happen to someone who's usually so happy and lighthearted — someone I feel like I've known all these years. But hearing Kim describe that horrible night in her own words, and then seeing her family members react in fear and sadness was really rough. Hearing Kris talk about the possibility of losing her daughter was enough to make me tear up, and according to Twitter, I was not the only one.

Here are some fan reactions that show just how emotional Sunday's KUWTK was.

Hearing The Way Kanye Reacted

He stayed so strong for Kim when she needed him most — and even left mid-concert to be there for her — but it hurt my heart when he started talking about what he would have done if he'd have lost her.

When Kim Got Home & Saw Saint & North

What really got me was when Kim was in the elevator, on her way to see her kids, and told everyone not to cry, because she just wanted a few minutes with her kids without them realizing that anything had happened. And then, North was so excited to see her and it was impossible not to cry.

When Kim Talked About People Saying She Was Lying

It's incredibly infuriating that anyone would accuse her of lying. Now that this episode is aired, hopefully all of that will officially be put to rest.

When Kim Told Her Family What Happened

It didn't compare at all to reading straightforward news articles about the robbery. Hearing it straight from Kim, it's obvious how horrifying this really was for her.

Realizing How Strong She Really Had To Be

To think that her main concern while she was being robbed was worrying about Kourtney finding her body? It's unimaginable.

And Seeing Her Finally Reunite With Her Sisters

Something so horrifying should never happen to anyone, but it's good to see that Kim has such an awesome family to help her through it. Here's hoping the next year is much better for Kim than the last one has been. She deserves some happiness.