All The Questions We Have After The Most WTF 'Riverdale' Episode Yet

Shane Harvey/The CW

Edgar Evernever's arrival on Riverdale is a welcome new addition to the series (at least for viewers — not so much for Betty). But after all the bombshells in the March 27 episode, there are also a lot questions hanging in the balance. Cheryl talked to Jason on Riverdale and apparently Alice has been communicating with Charles, too. What is The Farm, and this show, even doing?

Jason's not secretly alive or anything. That's not what Cheryl is implying when she tells Betty she wants to stop being her mole and legitimately become one of Edgar's followers. And that's not what Alice is implying, either, when she tells Betty that Edgar allows her to talk to her dead son. Somewhere, in a room at The Farm's facility that Betty's not able to hear through her bugging materials, members who have experienced a loss are able to communicate with the dead.

If this is another candy-based, drug-induced hallucination, I swear to Nana Rose. How is The Farm doing this? Cheryl says it isn't a seance or an audio recording. Maybe it's a form of hypnosis. Maybe it's a role-playing exercise. With how this show has been going lately, who the f*ck even knows anymore.

Also, does this mean that every single member of The Farm is devoted to this cult because they're able to talk to dead people? Betty initially thought that The Farm was blackmailing people with their past trauma, and transgressions, but this is totally different. Is Evelyn able to see her mother again? Who is Polly speaking to, also Jason? Why did they want to join the Farm in the first place? One might assume that Kevin Keller is talking to his dead boyfriend Joaquin, but if so why did he and Moose get Farm married during the Heathers rehearsals? None of this checks out, and everyone is confused.

Katie Yu/The CW

Please forgive me for using so many question marks, but almost every single thing I have to say about this episode comes in the form of a question. What does any of this have to do with the drowning? What is the actual point and purpose of The Farm? They have so many followers, yet haven't really spelled out a mission statement. Their followers claim to be healed by the cult, but allowing people to talk to someone they've lost — by whatever means — is not a healthy way to cope with grief.

Can this show also, like, buck up and embrace magic already? They obviously want to dip their toes into the supernatural pool — just do it! We know that Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is flirting with literal Satan two towns over. Magic exists in this world. I don't want a logical explanation anymore. The logical explanations on Riverdale just end up being secret buyers, serial killer dads, and (as I said earlier) drugs with goofy names. Lay it all out there and let there be ghosts, or zombies, or something paranormal at The Farm, please.

Hopefully, now that Betty has met Edgar and demanded to know everything about his operation and what he wants with the people of Riverdale, we'll start to learn more about exactly how these dead people are popping in to say hello. Knowing Riverdale, it's just going to get stranger and stranger.