What Edgar's Creepy AF 'Riverdale' Arrival Means For The Rest Of Season 3

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Spoilers ahead for Riverdale Season 3, Episode 16 ahead. The Farm not only sponsored the Riverdale High School production of Heathers, they were also in full attendance at the performance — including cult leader Edgar Evernever, who made his Riverdale debut in a spectacularly creepy fashion. He's been discussed throughout Season 3, but now that he's actually showed up in town, it could change everything.

Edgar's grand arrival came at the end of the Heathers play, when he stood up and slow clapped for the performance. "I knew my dad would like it," Evelyn said proudly. Soon, the other members of The Farm also stood up to join Edgar in the super creepy slow clap. (Add applause to the list of things Riverdale has ruined along with Pixy Sticks and Pop Rocks.) Suddenly, it was clear to everyone — not just Betty — how deep The Farm had really spread in the town. The cult even has Principal Weatherbee in their clutches!

Both the kids onstage and their parents in the audience looked around uncomfortably as The Farm continued to applaud, getting just a bit quicker with each clap. The look on Betty's face practically screamed, "I told you so!" And she's right to be upset. She's been the only one concerned about The Farm for weeks now — even Jughead has been in too tied up with his mother's drug game to really pay attention. But now they all see (and hear) exactly how many Farm members there are in Riverdale.

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Jughead's dad FP, who is also the town sheriff, seemed especially spooked by The Farm's arrival at the musical. Hopefully he'll start keeping a closer eye on things, because this literal cult has been left alone to fester in the city for far too long. Although, based on the synopsis for the next episode — which reads that "Betty enlists Cheryl's help to infiltrate The Farm" — it sounds like the kids are once again taking things into their own hands. Fortunately, Cheryl is like 100 percent more badass than any parent or sheriff or principal on this show, and if she's getting involved, it won't be long until The Farm is taken down for good.

In the meantime, though, expect Edgar's arrival to wreak even more havoc on Riverdale. He's been hiding in the shadows, letting his followers — including his daughter Evelyn — handle the Farm's recruitment and rituals. But it seems like he's ready to step in and take over. And now that he's out in the open, The Farm could become even more dangerous, as show creator Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa hinted to Comicbook.com. "There's almost a banality to the cult and a sort of generic-ism that gets sinister pretty quickly," he teased ahead of Season 3.

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Until now, most of Riverdale has ignored The Farm, but if it's heading in a direction as sinister the creepy clapping indicated, they better start paying attention. The Farm preys on vulnerable recruits and treats Edgar "like a disciple, almost," Lili Reinhart, who plays Betty, told reporters at Comic Con.

The kind of reverential following that Edgar has achieved means that The Farm members will probably do just about anything for him — and we all know how much danger that kind of devotion brought with the Gargoyle King.