Natasha Lyonne’s ‘Russian Doll’ Looks Are A Total Vibe & They’re SO Easy To Dupe


Every so often, a Netflix series takes over people's lives. Russian Doll is one of those series. Over the course of eight episodes, viewers watch programmer Nadia (played by Natasha Lyonne) relive her 36th birthday party over and over again as she dies and mysteriously comes back to life. Although she is forced into repeating one night countless times, her outfits don't always stay the same. If you're a lover of Nadia's looks, keep reading for a few ways to get the Russian Doll look.

The dark comedy's costume designer has spoken about the inspiration behind Nadia's so-called uniform. Jenn Rogien — who has also worked on Girls and Orange is the New Black told the New York Times: “We wanted her to step away from the culture of Mr. Robot, the idea that every developer wears a hoodie. We needed these characters to feel cool and interesting. But we also needed them to feel like real people trapped in a very strange circumstance.”

Rogien added to Fashionista that it was important to keep the red, black, white, and grey colour scheme "tightly controlled" to stay in line with the theme of the series. According to the costume designer, blue was banned. "[It] connotes a calm and tranquillity that is not present in Russian Doll," she told the New York Times.


The Beginning

Smock Neck Keyhole Top, Warehouse, £36

Gold Plated Necklace With Vintage Style Coin Charm, ASOS, £18

Nadia's day-to-day look revolves around all-black pieces. She dons a black shirt, black jacket, black jeans, and black ankle-length cowboy boots, accessorising it all with a stand-out gold coin necklace. "One of the things I learned is that you cannot create a coin based off an actual coin that exists, because that is considered counterfeiting," Rogien told Fashionista, adding that the team used a version of an ancient Russian coin instead.

To get the look at home, focus on the shirt and necklace. This Warehouse keyhole shirt (available in UK size 6 to 18) is ideal for a party and can be teamed with this ASOS coin charm. All you need now is those corkscrew curls.


The Scarlet Swap

Ganni Ruffled Polka Dot Blouse, Farfetch, £127

Tailored Longline Blazer, Simply Be, £45

Nadia's quick change into a ruffled red shirt sparked more admiration from fashion fans. According to Fashionista, the original scarlet look came from & Other Stories. Unfortunately, the shirt is no longer available but this polka dot Ganni version is pretty close. (Unfortunately, it's currently only available in UK size 4 to 8.) Team it with this double-breasted Simply Be blazer (available in UK size 10 to 32) and you're good to go.


The Pirate Option

Pussy Bow, Hawes & Curtis, £22.50

Single Breasted Herringbone City Coat, Jigsaw, £260

In the final episode, Nadia steers clear of both black and red, opting for a white pirate-style blouse. Of course, her usual coin chain and jacket appear too along with a new addition in the form of a grey tweed coat.

Hawes & Curtis' pussybow blouse (available in UK size 6 to 22) is a close fit. For the coat, why not invest in Jigsaw's luxurious herringbone design (available in UK size 6 to 16)? At £260, it's not cheap but it'll serve you well.


The Lingerie Look

Lace Cross Front Detail Bralet, PrettyLittleThing, £15

Crepe Kimono, Boohoo, £11.40

This lingerie-based ensemble is a bonus look that can easily be replicated using affordable pieces from the high street. PrettyLittleThing's strappy bralet (available in UK size 4 to 16) can be worn alone or under a Boohoo kimono jacket a la Nadia (available in UK size 6 to 16). Just don't forget that all-important golden accessory.


The Best Friend

Heine Ruffle Trim Blouse, Curvissa, £29

Party Body Harness With Chain Mail, ASOS, £28

It's not just Nadia's sense of style that Russian Doll enthusiasts have fallen for. Her best friend Maxine (played by Greta Lee) has a "kooky, '60s-meets-now look," Rogien explained to Fashionista. Her sea-green puffy blouse, golden body harness, multiple necklaces, and colourful trousers make for a look like no other.

To copy, opt for a lightweight top in a similar hue like this Curvissa one (available in UK size 8 to 26). Printed skirts or trousers are easy to come by, but you might get stuck when it comes to the harness. No need to panic for ASOS has a relatively cheap one.


Time for a bit of déjà vu.