This 'Felicity' Cast Reunion Sounds Like A Dream Come True For '90s Kids

Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Gearing up for its seventh annual event, the ATX Television Festival has just dispensed the lineup details for yet another chunk of this year's upcoming programs. And for those '90s TV buffs who've been dying for a dose of Keri Russell, there's one bit of festival news that'll probably seem particularly exciting: the cast of Felicity will reunite at this year's ATX Festival, in honor of its upcoming 20th anniversary. Yes, that's right. The fan-favored stars of the WB's critically, and commercially, successful drama, which ran from 1998-2002, are slated to come together again, after almost two decades off the air. So, to any forlorn Felicity lovers who've been crossing their fingers for a revival series, the upcoming event looks like a pretty solid runner-up option, at least.

It seems the masterminds behind this year's ATX Festival lineup might have been privy to the lingering fan craze that has managed to continue Felicity's legacy long after the series' end, because the upcoming event (which ATX officially added to its lineup Tuesday, April 3) is quite literally called "Felicity Reunion," point-blank. While Entertainment Weekly reportedly arranged for the first-ever mini Felicity reunion back in 2015, this summer's event seems to be amping up the nostalgia factor with a full-fledged panel of the beloved series' former cast members.

According to ATX Festival's official website, the panelist lineup is set to include the likes of Keri Russel (who is also expected to appear on another panel with the cast and crew of The Americans), Scott Speedman, Tangi Miller, Amanda Foreman, Amy Jo Johnson, and Ian Gomez, as well as the series' director-producer, Lawrence Trilling. The names of additional panelists are supposedly slated for release at a later time. According to ATX Festival's event description, the much-anticipated Felicity reunion panel will be co-presented by Entertainment Weekly as well as Hulu. The event will take place during the weekend-long festival's final leg, on Sunday, June 10. (This year's ATX Television Festival, in full, will span the duration of several days, from June 7 to 10, in Austin, Texas.)

And, besides the thrill that will inevitably accompany bearing witness to the long-cherished Felicity cast interacting with one another again, after all these years, the upcoming reunion touts another reason to celebrate: Felicity's 20th anniversary. Technically, the series doesn't officially turn 20 until September. But still, it'll probably make for some markedly sentimental talking points during this summer's June reunion panel.

The upcoming Felicity cast reunion certainly isn't the only sentimental event the ATX Festival has just recently added to its lineup. In addition to that, the festival released a whole host of newly-minted (and respectively enticing) programming items, perusable via ATX Festival's website. After parsing through the new event updates, it seems ATX is capitalizing on the (apparently widespread) '90s nostalgia.

Among the new additions is the "TGIHulu!" panel, a sitcom retrospective, of sorts, which is slated to include a roster of actors and EPs from some of the most treasured comedy series of the '90s. The panel is set to include Boy Meets World's Ben Savage, Perfect Stranger's Bronson Pinchot, and Family Matters' Kellie Shangyne Williams. Representing the "behind-the-scenes" perspective, Boy Meets World EP Michael Jacobs will also be in attendance, as well as Family Matters and Step by Step EP William Bickley, and Sabrina the Teenage Witch EP Nell Scovel.

In a departure from the running "panelist" theme, ATX's recent lineup announcement also includes a highly-anticipated "sneak peek" of FX's upcoming Sons of Anarchy spinoff, entitled Mayans MC. The sneak peek will doubly serve as a world premiere for the upcoming series.

So, '90s kids, rejoice. The glory days might be over, but that certainly doesn't mean fans can't still indulge in a walk down memory lane (or two) every once in a while. Of course, in lieu of real-life reunion celebrations, there's always Felicity's full four seasons, currently available for binge-watching on Hulu.