The 'Fire Island' Cast Wants To Have An Unforgettable Summer

by Laura Rosenfeld

Spring may be in full swing, but my mind is totally on summer. If you're feeling the same, then you're definitely going to want to check out Logo's newest reality series that's going to help fast-forward you through this season and into those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer. Fire Island premiered on Thursday, April 27 at 8 p.m. ET, and it's already serving up the hottest spring ever filled with beaches and budding romances. Of course, the Fire Island cast is going to be a huge part of what makes this new show entertaining.

In case you haven't heard the buzz surrounding Fire Island, let me fill you in on what this new series is all about. The show follows the summertime adventures of six young professionals as they head off for fun and sun on Fire Island, the historically gay-friendly island off the South Shore of Long Island and to the east of New York City. Along the way, there will be hookups, blowups, and dance-offs as this sextet tries to make the most of the summer — at least that's what the series trailer tells me.

Sure, this sounds like an intriguing concept, but a reality show is only as strong as its cast. Luckily, Fire Island has a particularly dynamic one filled with guys whose lives are just as interesting off the show as they are on it.

Khasan Brailsford


You can thank Khasan Brailsford for bringing this group of wild and crazy guys together. He's the one who found the beachfront summer share house on Fire Island and invited his five friends to join. Khasan is originally from Los Angeles, but Fire Island will find him on the same coast as his long-distance boyfriend for the first time, according to his show bio.

During the other three seasons of the year, Khasan is a choreographer and dancer. He has backed the likes of Beyonce, P!nk, Jennifer Lopez, and Katy Perry, his show bio says. He also recently served as the creative director and choreographer for Betty Who's Party in the Valley Tour, according to Instagram, in addition to casually chilling with Perry at Coachella.

Jorge Bustillos


Long before Jorge Bustillos was seeking out the best summer ever with his BFF Khasan, he was a doctor in Venezuela, according to his show bio. He left that life behind so that he could be fun and open in New York. Jorge left his boyfriend back home in Venezuela, but the two have a long-distance relationship.

Jorge now describes himself as a marketing/PR strategist who's passionate about social media, sunglasses, and music in his Twitter bio. He's also fond of posting photos of his dog Luca, who you can expect to see a lot of this season of Fire Island.

Patrick McDonald


Speaking of dogs, you probably won't see Jorge's castmate Patrick McDonald without his little pup Bodhi very much this season of Fire Island. Patrick will likely be one of the more unforgettable cast members, thanks to his pooch, as well as his mustache, southern accent (he's originally from Georgia), and his knack for being the life of the party. Breakout star, anyone?

But times weren't always so fun-loving for Patrick, he will still be in the process of bouncing back from a bad breakup this season, according to his show bio. Lucky for Patrick, he'll be bringing Bodhi, with him to the Fire Island house, and he says he's a good wingman in this video profile, so perhaps Patrick will have some luck in the romance department this season, after all. He also says that he's not sure if he'll return to New York, where he works as a bartender, or go back to L.A. after the summer is over, so it could be a make-or-break season for Patrick.

Brandon Osorio


Brandon Osorio is the baby of the group. He's a 21-year-old college student at NYU with a major in marketing and a minor in the business of entertainment, media, and technology who will be experiencing his first Fire Island summer this season, according to his show bio. But you wouldn't know that from looking at the trailer for this season of Fire Island. Brandon's social game is on point.

But Brandon says in this video profile that he's not looking for love but, rather, a flirty good time during his summer on Fire Island, which, according to him, is not the place to look for a relationship anyway. Brandon's true passion is for photography, and you can check out some of his work on Instagram and in his online portfolio. He says in that video profile that he likes the nude male aesthetic in his work. I wonder if he'll find any models on Fire Island?

Cheyenne Parker


Cheyenne Parker is pursuing a career as a creative designer, entrepreneur, and a model, according to his show bio. It looks like Cheyenne already has a company called Maison Parker in the works. It's unclear what this project is all about right now though.

Cheyenne will actually be traveling from L.A. to Fire Island for the summer. He says he's single going into this experience in this video profile, which seems to be for the best. Head over to Cheyenne's Instagram, which has a solid following of 141K followers at the time of this writing, to get a preview of just how ab-tastic he's going to be this season of Fire Island.

Justin Russo


Last but certainly not least in the Fire Island house is Justin Russo, a graphic illustrator living in New York, his show bio says. He describes his drawing style as "Norman Rockwell but gayer" in this video. Justin is a sweetheart who's super loyal to his friends. I hope he can handle the hustle and bustle of the Fire Island party scene.

Justin describes his relationship status "as newly together with somebody" in that video profile, and he admits that he's concerned about being in a relationship while on Fire Island. He also shares that he's dealing with body image issues and hopes that he finds a "newfound respect" for himself and to be comfortable in his own skin during this season. It sounds like Justin could have the biggest goals for the summer out of anyone in the Fire Island cast.

With so many fascinating gents in one show, how could Fire Island not be a delight to watch?