The First 'OITNB' Season 5 Photos Are Intense

by Danielle Jackson

The most recent season of Orange is the New Black definitely ended with a bang. And, from these new photos, it looks like Orange Is The New Black Season 5 is set to begin with one — literally. A first look at the season opener was released on Tuesday morning and, if you’re one the many who have already watched it, you probably know by now that the opening scene picks up right where things left off last season: after the very high tension between the guards and the inmates following Poussey’s death leads to a full-blown riot in the prison, Daya picks up a gun dropped by one of the guards and ends Season 4 contemplating whether or not to pull the trigger. The new clip centers on Daya as her fellow inmates stand in the background, cheering her on and encouraging her to shoot.

We’ll have to wait two more months to see how things turn out, but, to hold you over until then, Netflix has also released some photos from the season premiere. I don't like waiting, so come along with me as I take the time to analyze everything that we could be looking at in these shots. (No pun intended.)

1. The Tension Rises


Daya still has that gun in her hands. Will she pull the trigger?

2. A Look At Piper & Alex


No matter what Daya actually ends up doing, the inmates will still have to suffer the consequences. This shot of Alex and Piper, who resolved to stay out of trouble right before finding themselves just a few feet away from the riot, might mean that the inmates are on lockdown.

3. An Old Love Renewed


It looks like Suzanne and Kukudio have patched things up. (If you can recall, Kukudio was left bloody and bruised after the guards instigated a fight between the two of them.)

4. Contraband


Taystee — surrounded by Allison, Black Cindy, and Janae — is holding a tablet, and I’m really curious as to how she got ahold of it.

5. A Mysterious Conversation


It’s not clear who Gloria is talking to here but, since she agreed to keep Daya out of trouble once Aleida was released from Litchfield, Daya’s likely the topic of this conversation.

6. There's Even More Trouble


Red ended up in Piscatella’s crosshairs when the body was finally discover buried in the garden. Though Lolly was eventually the one who ended up taking the fall for killing the guard who attacked Alex, it looks like Red and Frieda are still trying to come up with a plan to deal with the fallout.

7. The Fan-Favorite Friendship


This one doesn’t reveal much, but at least we'll get some comic relief from Boo at some point during the season.

8. And A Fan-Favorite Couple


Nicky looks a little nervous.

Season 5 will take place over the course of three days — which is probably longer than it will take me to get through all of the episodes. I'll start the official countdown to June 9.

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